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  1. Get back on Hss. :lol:

  2. Hey, do you happen to know the name of the skybox in the Shadowlands?

  3. LDR

    Hey Shem! How was your New Year?

  4. Mehh. I posted something. I hope it works.

  5. Hey logan! How was your Christmas?

  6. Well, it's what I do. No problem. :lol:

  7. Chair of epicness and doom, if you actually know what this chair is called it means your smart enough to actually look through the game files. MWA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  8. LDR

    Heh, thanks. Having replayed both KOTORs as much as I have, I developed a personal taste for each planets' uniqueness.

  9. Well, Amerikhastan is a song by Megadeth - one of my favorites actually.

  10. Are you a Styx fan, by any chance?

  11. Weren't we out of the speeder? :xp:


  13. An addendum from my message on August:


    ...And of course I get stuck with fighting Darth Sevairis.

  14. Thanks for posting on who was causing the signal jamming. I'm glad I didn't have to make that one up!

  15. Whatever happened to The Rising Shadows?

  16. No prob bud. You deserve it.

  17. I'm up for any RP you make.

  18. Happy Birthday.

  19. Another friend of mine committed suicide. She died from internal bleeding in the hospital.


    Don't expect me in the RP for a while.

  20. Happy belated.

  21. Don't worry about me. I'm just a bit shaken.

  22. Hey, it's good to see a modeler around here. Not too many of them nowadays.

  23. Hey, welcome to the forum.


    You mod looks great, by the way. :thmbup1:

  24. I'm assuming it to be a landspeeder. And a chase? Oh boy...

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