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  1. "Zarev and all those republic troopers were being controlled, and possibly Voleran as well? If we're fighting an enemy who can hack into our minds and do as he pleases anytime he wants to, then what chance do we have against him? At any rate, we can't keep doing what we're doing. If we keep following Voleran around he'll always stay one step ahead, we have to figure out where he'll be before he's there."


    Varik got away from the wall and walked towards the group. "If this guy is so 'powerful', then why doesn't he just possess us all and get it over with?", he said.


    "Isn't it obvious that it should be you? I don't think that you, Corsail, or Kif would trust the decisions of a Force-user right this minute, due to recent events, and both of the others are hurt and don't have the proper experience."


    "I would, if only I didn't get possessed a while ago.", Varik butted in.


    "Actually, If I had my choice of the group, I'd probably select you, Light. I agree with the way you handle things, and it's seems you've had at least some experience in leadership. Just my personal opinion though."


    "Gotta agree with Corsail. You know the problems with both sides of the Force. Besides, I'd pick a Gray Jedi over a regular Jedi any day."

  2. Tatooine, Mos Eisley Cantina


    "I haven't seen a display of fighting skills like that in quite a while. I should be the one buying you a drink after that display."


    The Mandalorian laughed heartily. "That was nothing. You should've seen me against these two Iridorians. That was a good one."


    "I think we should discuss our business somewhere else. I have a feeling that this place is going to be swarming with more stormtroopers any moment now."


    "Agreed.", Elyshar said. "I have a ship we could talk freely on. It's in one of the docking bays."


    Tatooine, Eastern Dune Sea, Rebel Heavy Cruiser Crash Site


    Darrek Ulgo awoke some time after the ship had crashed. His vision was heavily disoriented, and he looked around to see his surroundings. The bridge was destroyed - with transparisteel littering the floor, exposed power cables, collapsed ceiling, some burnt metal, and much of the surroundings simply wrecked. Just a huge mess. He pulled himself up, and tried to find a way out. He saw an opening, but it was impossible to pull himself through it in his current state. He instead walked down what used to be the hallway that connected the bridge to the rest of the ship.


    He turned to see a blood pool where he was laying, and he was making a blood trail. He nearly collapsed as he went further down the hallway. He shook his head, taking a left to see a collapsed hallway. He was beginning to see more sand the deeper he went into the ship, until it essentially became the floor. He saw a large opening and pulled himself through it.


    It was now, free of the ship's confines, that he took a good look of his state. Much of his armor was melted or broken, and there were shards of metal that were buried in his mesh. His visor also had a very large crack through it, and most of the built-in programs were inoperable. He looked ahead to see two crash sites, and he wondered if they were shot down from the space battle too. He made his way to one of the ships, but collapsed from exhaustion when he was halfway there.

  3. "Varik! We need to leave now before the engines take any more damage! Get onboard now!"


    Varik turned his head to see everyone had went up the ship's ramp, and Republic troopers were firing at the Shan's engines. He ran to the ramp and used the Force to pick up a stray piece of metal to hurl at the troopers. Not looking to see if it accidentally killed anyone, he went up the ramp and into the main hold - clearly frustrated.

  4. Tatooine, Mos Eisley Cantina


    "Tell me...have you tested your strength against the native Tusken Raiders?"


    "I've taken down beasts larger than you with my bare hands. I'm sure these 'Tusken Raiders', are going to be nothing more than a nuisance."


    Darasuum turned to his right to see a group of stormtroopers enter.


    "Hmph. I probably shouldn't have roughed that trooper up. Looks like he brought friends."


    "Watch how a true warrior does it.", he said as he walked into the middle of the group.


    He grabbed the closest trooper and forcefully drove his knuckles through the helmet's faceplate, obliterating it and sending the trooper to the ground. He used his momentum to drive his elbow into the chest of the trooper to his side; he then grabbed his leg and dropped him to the floor. As one of the troopers began to fire, he sidestepped and grabbed the rifle by the barrel, and then kicked the trooper in the knees with his right leg. He followed it with a punch to the neck, and wrenched the rifle from his grasp. He smashed the barrel of the rifle into another trooper's helmet, and then grabbed his body as a shield from more blaster fire. He kicked the body into a group of troopers, and tackled a lone trooper into the bar. He grabbed his rifle and shot at the legs of the remaining troopers, before throwing it into the center of the group.




    Elyshar was watching the fight between the armored man and a group of stormtroopers. A few people were scurrying out of the cantina, while others stayed to watch. The fight was in his advantage until he tackled a trooper into the bar and nearly into him. He saw the remaining stormtroopers ready their rifles, and he wasn't going to let them gun him down. He used the force to lift the four troopers into the air. He contemplated what to do with them for a moment, and then threw them into the opposite end of the cantina - each of them either smashing into a light, table, or wall. As he walked up to the armored man, they turned to see the other troopers getting up.


    Rebel Heavy Cruiser, Tatooine Atmosphere


    Darrek saw the transparisteel windows glow red-hot with friction as the ship entered Tatooine's atmosphere. He saw the yellow sand grow closer and closer, until the ship collided with the ground. He saw explosions and parts of the ship collapsing until passing out.

  5. Varik turned his head to see Zarev break out of the stasis field. Varik's eyes widened as Zarev ran towards the edge.


    "ZAREV!", Varik screamed, dropping Kif as he ran after him. Zarev dived off of the ledge, and Varik slammed his foot on the metal floor as he reached the edge. It sent waves of pain up his fractured leg, but he was able to ignore it.


    "Zarev you idiot! You didn't have to make yourself a goddamned martyr!" He paced to right side of the ledge, angrily punching a metal column - the railing snapping off of it as it fell into the abyss.

  6. Rebel Heavy Cruiser, Secondary Docking Bay


    Caton limped his way to the secondary docking bay. That blasted Ulgo gave him some good shots - and he isn't going to get away with it. Having left the secondary hangar bay alone, he opened the doors and escaped the crippled cruiser by one of the fighters that was on the ground. The remaining fleet dispersed, and he contemplated opening fire on the bridge.


    No. That would ruin the hunt., he thought - thinking that it would remove the thrill of hunting them down once the cruiser crashed. He stayed a distance away as he watched the cruiser enter Tatooine's atmosphere.



    Tatooine, Mos Eisley Cantina


    Elyshar went to the bar and ordered a drink. He turned to see an Imperial darting out of the cantna. He paid no heed to the group a few feet away from him, but the armored man did catch his interest for a few seconds. He received his drink and took a sip, looking at the holoscreen on the opposite wall.




    Darusuum noticed the chiss pull out a translator. "No need. I could speak Basic. I just prefer not to most of the time.", he said, with a gesture of his hand.


    What species are you?


    "Mandalorian.", he replied. "Name's Darasuum Kandosii. It's Mando'a for Eternally Indomitable, a very honorable name in our culture.".


    He noticed a twi'lek stare at him for a few moments before looking away. He noticed just a tip of a lightsaber poking out of the folds of his armored robe.


    "The offer still stands, would you like me to buy you a drink?"

  7. "There was a fight. In it, Varik blinded you. Sorry, now isn't really the time."


    Kif wasn't really paying attention, as he stumbled when they reached the stairs.


    "Care to give me a hand here man?"


    Varik deactivated his lightsaber and walked up to Light and Kif. He went to the other side of Kif and draped his arm over his shoulder.


    "C'mon, we have to move fast. That field isn't going to keep Zarev for long."

  8. Balmorra, Republic Base


    "Can you hear me? Now would be a good time to get up..."


    "Wait what? What's going on? Am I having a hangover?", Kif got up and tried walking, only bumping into a steel wall. "Oww. Hey, why can't I see? What happened?" Kif was having amnesia, and being knocked out for a few hours, he was rather groggy. He was also dripping with kolto.


    Balmorra, Base Exterior


    Not paying attention to Zarev slowly breaking out of the stasis field, Varik looked up at Per'dra.


    "So how's the weather up there?", he asked in a light manner.

  9. Tatooine, Mos Eisley


    "You there, twi'lek!", a sand trooper shouted as he ran up to Elyshar Dourshe - who was heading to the cantina.


    "What do you want?", the former Jedi spat in an almost condescending manner.


    "Judging by the lightsaber on your belt, I am required by the Order of the Empire to restrain you.", he said, starting to shake. "That is your lightsaber, correct?"


    "Yes, it is my lightsaber.", he said, grabbing his double-bladed lightsaber and igniting it - the silver blade shimmering beautifully. "Just what are you going to do about it?"


    "I am authorized to use lethal force. Please do not make this difficult.", he said, visibly shaking as he held up his rifle.


    Elyshar wasted no time in impaling the pathetic trooper. He quickly pulled up his hood and deactivated his lightsaber. He walked into the cantina to disappear into the mass of people.


    Tatooine, Mos Eisley Cantina


    Darasuum Kandosii was a heavily armored taung. He was standing in a corner with his arms folded, watching an armored chiss throw around a sandtrooper, and the trooper promptly leaving. He chuckled as he walked past the people - getting next to the chiss. He looked to his side to see a rodian and a human.


    "Kandosii! Gal'gala." (Nice one! Allow me to buy you a drink.), he said in Mando'a, pulling credits out of a pocket on his heavy armor.


    Rebel Heavy Cruiser, Bridge


    Darrek Ulgo ordered several men to head to the hangar and hold off the intruders. He, meanwhile, would head to the control center - where he saw a group of Imperials heading to when he glanced through a security camera.


    He ran down a series of hallways - completely empty save for a few stray blaster shots elsewhere in the ship. Breaking down the security door, he gunned down two Imperials, before taking cover against a wall. He lobbed a grenade at the other side of the room, killing three more Imperials.


    The Imperial Commander was reckless, firing wildly at the doorway. Darrek rushed past him, pulling out his pistol as he shot two Stormtroopers in the visors. He turned and shot the remaining Imperial with his rifle in his other hand. He glared down the Commander, putting away his pistol and pointing his rifle at him.


    "Your commander, where is he?", Darrek demanded. With no response, he walked forward. "Your commander. Where. Is He?", he demanded again, pressing his rifle barrel against the Imperial's cheek.


    "Engine Deck! He's in the Engine Deck! You'll never get him though.", the Commander revealed, shaking.


    "Thank you.", Darrek said. He put away his rifle, but not before kicking him in the genitals - knocking him out. Going through the computer terminal, the Imperials were able to successfully shut down the weapons systems, and ejected all of the escape pods. They also vented the hangar.


    Damnit! They killed themselves as well as us!


    "Commander, I incapacitated the Imperial Commander, but they vented the Hangar and shut down the ship's weapon systems and ejected all escape pods. I'm heading down to the engine bay to prevent sabotage from their leader.", Darrek said through his comlink. He heard shouting from the other end, and hastily ran to the Engine Deck.


    Rebel Heavy Cruiser, Engine Deck


    Caton sliced through the heavy doors with no difficulty. His distraction worked flawlessly - he lured most of the ship's defenders to the Hangar, and received word of it being vented. The stormtroopers are expendable; they can't even shoot at a target standing still. Assuming so, they most likely also shut down the weapons and ejected all escape pods. He hasn't received an update for several minutes, so he assumed they didn't shut down life support in the bridge.


    He killed what few technicians were actually on the level. He wandered around until he found the access nodes to the engines. And he promptly shut them down, one by one. Also having a series of mines with him, he installed them next to the engines in case something went awry. The effects were immediate. After shutting down the main engines, the ship lurched to the left - entering an accelerated orbital decay.


    "What do you think you're doing!", he heard a voice from above, and then he turned to see an armored soldier - dropping down from the doorway.


    "You're too late, the ship is already in orbital decay.", Caton said tersely, activating his stealth field generator.


    Darrek wasn't impressed. He's dealt with saboteurs before. He activated the thermal vision on his visor - only to find he couldn't find him! The field was shielding him from his vision! He then felt a sharp kick to the back of his leg, and a heavy hand coming down onto his collarbone, knocking him to the ground.


    "Open fire on the ship. I'm going to make my escape.", he heard Caton say.


    Determined not to let him escape, he got up and tackled the saboteur, who had disabled his stealth field. They were both grappling each other on the ground before a blast distracted him, allowing Caton to kick him away. Blasts occurring in succession, the ship lurched to the left - violently. He grabbed his pistol and opened fire at Caton - some of the shots connecting. The saboteur ran, and he gave chase. A few seconds later, a huge explosion knocked him to the ground. The engines exploded! And it caused a hull breach! He felt himself being drawn to the Engine Room, so he promptly grabbed an archway and kicked at the access panel, sealing the door.


    He turned his head to find the saboteur was nowhere to be found. Cursing to himself, he walked down the hall and opened his comlink. "Commander, do you read me? The saboteur escaped and crippled our engines." He hastily made his way to the bridge.

  10. ((Merged.))



    Rebel Heavy Cruiser, in orbit above Tatooine


    Aside from having a keen eye, Caton Drea was known for being persistent. He had recently boarded a Rebel Acclaimator Heavy Cruiser using a small Imperial fleet of a few frigates as a distraction. In the confusion, he docked his one-man fighter in the hangar. He had received word of Jedi on the ship, thanks to a spy. The mission was simple: get in, kill the engines, get out, and then hunt down the survivors once the ship crashes on Tatooine. Simple enough, he's done something similar in the past. As he watched other fighters dock into the hangar, he quickly dispatched what few Rebels were in the vicinity. He made his way into a hall, sending some Stormtroopers to disperse to cover more ground. He made his way to the engine deck, activating his prototype stealth generator.


    Rebel Heavy Cruiser, Bridge


    Darrek Ulgo was on the bridge, watching the space battle through an observatory window. He spotted numerous ships slipping into the hangar bay in the confusion.


    "Sir! We're being boarded!", Ulgo said to the commanding officer.

  11. As Varik was going to advance on Zarev, he was knocked backwards by a pile of debris. Getting up, he was about to advance again when he was knocked backwards - again. He saw blaster fire from Avirela and Traver, and Traver collapsing shortly thereafter. Where the hell has he been?, he thought to himself.


    "Varik! Nows the time to get Kif! You and Light need to get him now!"


    "No way! You can't hold him off with just a blaster!", Varik shouted back, just before Zarev was trapped in a stasis field. Even then, he didn't budge. He didn't want to risk him breaking free. He walked up to him and held his lightsaber upwards, right behind Zarev's back. If he moved, his spine would be incinerated.


    "Just to be safe.", he added, nodding to Light to get inside and get Kif.

  12. NAME: Darasuum Kandosii (Mando'a for Eternally Indomitable)

    AFFILIATION: Mandalorians

    GENDER: Male

    AGE: 35

    SPECIES: Taung

    APPEARANCE: Click.

    WEAPONS: C-M Frag Storm Heavy Shotgun (slugthrower), two beskar blades, Mando'ade heavy blaster pistol.

    EQUIPMENT: Beskar'gram Mandalorian armor, various grenades, melee/power forearm shields, trip mines, vibro-knife, comlink.

    OCCUPATION: Independent.

    HISTORY: Although believed to have been driven to extinction, the Taung instead fled into the Unknown Regions, where they rebuilt their Mandalorian culture, and waged wars with other species after regaining their numbers. Darasuum Kandosii was one of the Taung that traveled back to the known galaxy to learn of their ancient heritage. But instead, he found himself in the middle of a war. Hopefully, he will lead up to his namesake. In the eyes of his people back home, however, he already has, due to his actions in combat - no less.


    NAME: Caton Drea

    AFFILIATION: Galactic Empire.

    GENDER: Male

    AGE: 24

    SPECIES: Tholothian

    APPEARANCE: Click.

    WEAPONS: X-45 sniper rifle, ultrasonic blade, blaster pistol, stealth unit.

    EQUIPMENT: Concussion grenades, infared/thermal/nightvision scopes, targeting visor, comlink.

    OCCUPATION: Imperial Sharpshooter

    HISTORY: A sharpshooter with a keen eye, Caton Drea is not one to miss his mark. A tenacious scout, he has a extreme level of patience, and the ability to remain cool-headed despite many setbacks. One of the Empire's best shots, if you see him on the battlefield, then you know you're in for one. If you see him at all, that is.


    NAME: Elyshar Dourshe

    AFFILIATION: Independent.

    GENDER: Male

    AGE: 63

    SPECIES: Twi'lek

    APPEARANCE: Click.

    WEAPONS: Double-bladed silver lightsaber.

    EQUIPMENT: Blaster pistol, mesh armor.

    OCCUPATION: Gray Jedi.

    HISTORY: Elyshar Dourshe was a former Jedi, that switched off his lightsaber shortly before Naboo Crisis - dissatisfied with the corruption in the Republic and the complacency of the Jedi Council. In his years of watching the Republic slowly collapse into the Empire, he learned the flaws of both extremes. He eventually served as a vigilante on the Outer Rim worlds. Although the Empire hasn't targeted him yet, he feels that they might simply out of spite - or fear.


    NAME: Darrek Ulgo

    AFFILIATION: Rebel Alliance.

    GENDER: Male

    AGE: 32

    SPECIES: Human

    APPEARANCE: Click.

    WEAPONS: Medium repeating blaster, vibrosword.

    EQUIPMENT: Power generator, grenades, vibroknife, numerous programs installed in helmet.

    OCCUPATION: Staff Lieutenant.

    HISTORY: Born around the time of the Naboo Crisis, Darrek Ulgo was born on Alderaan, hailing from the legendary House Ulgo - a house notorious for producing generations of distinguished officers. He served in the Republic Army for years, until it was reconstituted into the Imperial Army, in which he left to join the Rebel Alliance.


    ((Yes, there was a Republic Army alongside the Clone Trooper Corps. You could look it up under 'Republic Army', on Wookieepedia if you have doubts. I think the clone armor was influenced by the Cold War armor as well as Mandalorian, so that's why he is wearing Cold War armor, which I assume remained mostly the same through the millennia.))

  13. Varik wasted no time, jumping out of the ship. He channeled the Force as he released it as he hit the ground, resulting in a shockwave that knocked all of the soldiers back. He grabbed and ignited one of his lightsabers, saving the second for when he really needed it.


    "Stand down Zarev! I will NOT hesitate to hurt you.", Varik said, pointing his lightsaber at him.


    Light, I'll distract him. Just go and get Kif. Now!, Varik said telepathically to Light.

  14. As Varik was sitting close to the boarding ramp, he looked down to see chaos Zarev killing Republic soldiers, then pinning Light against a wall, and then turning to see Per'dra scream.


    "Light needs help down there! Avirela, could you heal up my legs, so I could at least be able to walk?"


    The firing stopped, and then suddenly he heard the sound of metal crushing, and rifles being aimed. "Preferably soon?"

  15. "Is this what I'm hearing?", Varik asked incredulously. "What ever happened to 'no man left behind'? Have you forgotten that Kif is in critical condition? If the Republic doesn't kill him then the Sith most certainly will!"


    "The mission may come first, but that's no excuse for leaving people behind to die because you 'forgot about them'. THAT IS RIDICULOUS. Jedi should know better, and especially you. Was he too much of a burden for you? Had you forgotten he put his life on the line for the rest of you?! Did you forget that too?!"


    Varik was fuming. If only his legs had not been out of condition...


    "You might've forgotten about Kif, but I sure as hell haven't! Somebody turn this damn ship around!"

  16. "Varik? Are you alright?"


    "I guess so.", Varik replied as they went up the boarding ramp.


    He stumbled out of the speeder, but collapsed on the floor when he tried to walk. He grumbled angrily as he pulled himself to sit against a wall.


    "Wait a minute." he said aloud as Light and them went up the boarding ramp. "Where's Kif?"

  17. "When he grabbed your arm...I felt something in the force. I'm not exactly sure what it was though. Did you feel anything or sense anything when he grabbed your arm? Anything at all?"


    "He sent me the coordinates of a system; I think it's where Voleran is.", Varik paused for just a moment, looking again at the mental image in his mind. "It's...Taris. We have to go to Taris!"


    He looked as Light decapitated the Sith Councilor. "A shame, but it's for the best. Rest in peace." He turned and saw Corsail, and smiled.


    "Good to see you aren't dead. You took quite a beating."

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