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  1. "I'm amazed you can avoid tripping over your own ego."


    Now THAT was a good one. :lol:


    Hey, are you ever going to pop back on Hss? Canderis, bead-v, and I just revived it a few days ago.

  2. I shant be on TOR very much. Apologies. I have a life to live, exams to take, and mods to make. Sorry, :lol:

  3. My apologies. I do wonder when you shall return.

  4. Sir! You have returned! *salutes*

  5. B...but....he kicked me in the shin!


    What a baby. :xp:

  6. Eclipse mercenary, Mass Effect 2.

  7. Oh, you really did it now! :lol:

  8. He used to have one, but I'm not sure if he still has it.

  9. Fine, I posted. Albeit, a crappy one.

  10. If there's one thing Varik sucks at, it is piloting. :lol:


    I'm sorry, when I made him, I had to give him some weaknesses.

  11. Thanks for giving me the advice in the first place. :)

  12. Hey Chev, I rewrote The Pursuit of Revenge. I'm working on Chapter 1 in WordPad as we speak.

  13. Thanks to your suggestions, I've decided to rewrite The Pursuit of Revenge, and I think the Prologue is better than how it was before.

  14. I think we should do the vote on her once we get into hyperspace.

  15. What about me, you bastard? I'm still in Vegas! :lol:

  16. The exalted Canderis himself is back, it seems. Welcome back buddy!


    If you need me to throw indefinite ideas at you, just let me know. :lol:

  17. Finally, one thing that Varik and Corsail could agree upon. :lol:

  18. LDR


  19. LDR

    Hey Ping. How've you been?

  20. What would you suggest in a reskinned skybox? Right now, all I improved to it was giving it a slightly pinker hue. Besides, it is Korriban, and that is Korriban's skybox.

  21. That was awesome. :D

  22. Neither would I.

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