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  1. "When he grabbed your arm...I felt something in the force. I'm not exactly sure what it was though. Did you feel anything or sense anything when he grabbed your arm? Anything at all?"


    "He sent me the coordinates of a system; I think it's where Voleran is.", Varik paused for just a moment, looking again at the mental image in his mind. "It's...Taris. We have to go to Taris!"


    He looked as Light decapitated the Sith Councilor. "A shame, but it's for the best. Rest in peace." He turned and saw Corsail, and smiled.


    "Good to see you aren't dead. You took quite a beating."

  2. I'll just throw my two cents here.


    All empirical evidence – as well as plain old common sense – shows that gun control does not prevent violence and only leaves law-abiding citizens defenseless against it, whereas madmen and crooks could still obtain guns (well, most of them already get them illegally).


    The Second Amendment clearly states: The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.


    And I'll just leave this here.

  3. He grasped her hand as she pulled him up.


    "Thank you.", Varik said, before using the Force to reclaim his lightsabers and put them back on his belt.


    He found himself having to lean on her shoulder in order to stand upright.


    "Were you the one who killed those troops at the HQ? What do you know about Voleran?"


    "Before we fought, he asked for me to kill him. And during the fight, I've seen him hesitate numerous times. I think he could be controlled by Voleran. And you said soldiers at the HQ? Maybe he controlled them too?"", Varik added, shifting his weight to alleviate some of the pressure off of Avirela's arm.

  4. Almost a minute later, all things went to hell. Varik smashed into the ground, still grappled to Sevairis. A massive force wave pulverized Varik into an opposing rock face. He pulled himself out of it - and slumped to the ground, almost limp. He attempted to pull himself up, but he began to stumble and almost fell again. Ligaments felt torn, and some bones felt broken. He tried using the Force to heighten his adrenaline levels and block out the pain, but it wouldn't matter if his ligaments and bones were broken.


    Still he tried, and he managed to walk a couple steps before falling again. Losing his focus, he felt massive pain shoot all around his body. He bit his tongue with all his might, to prevent him from screaming in pure agony. His tongue began to bleed as he held it in, and attempted to crawl by just using his arms to pull him forward. He pulled out a vibroknife from somewhere inside the folds of his robes to give him a stronger hold. Eventually, he started getting closer, only a few dozen feet away from where Corsail was.


    He grabbed ones of his lightsabers and ignited it. He then threw it at Sevairis's leg, using the Force to guide it and hoping that it would strike.

  5. Varik barely had time to block the lightning with his lightsabers, when he saw Sevaris throw his saber in an arc - heading toward Avirela. Noticing his distraction and his focus in the lightsaber in the air - Varik put his lightsabers on his belt, and ran in a massive sprint towards Sevaris - leaping and tackling him. Although he didn't knock him to the ground, he used his momentum to swing behind him and put his arm around his neck. He dug his knee into the back of his leg and got him in a chokehold.


    "Now, I shall ask you again, surrender, or you will die.", Varik said, temporarily putting a hold on the fight.

  6. Corsail's force wave cut through the rocks, making an opening large enough for Varik to focus his energy on. He amplified the Force through his leg, and repeatedly Force kicked the rocks until they flew in a massive arc a couple dozen meters away. Getting up, he held his head as he felt lightheaded, and stumbled onto the ground - using his hand to keep him from falling onto the ground. Shaking his head, he pushed his hand until he stood upright, and then grabbed his lightsabers from his belt - igniting them and holding them in the traditional Jar'Kai stance.


    "You must face judgement for all of the blood you have spilled. Surrender, and I will consider letting you live.", Varik said.

  7. "Look out!"


    Varik looked up to see a massive rockslide tumbling toward them.


    "MOVE!!", Varik shouted as he pushed Corsail out of the way.


    He tried to duck and move out of the way, but the rockslide was already there - crushing him and sending him down into the lower depths of the canyon. After a few minutes passed he tried moving the rocks with the Force, but he was too constricted and too weakened to do anything effective.


    "Corsail, help. I'm being crushed down here.", he said through the comm.

  8. picture.php?albumid=637&pictureid=9142


    NAME: Varik Athzaria

    AFFILIATION: Jedi Order

    GENDER: Male

    AGE: 30

    SPECIES: Human


    WEAPONS: Two violet lightsabers. (Form VI: Jar'Kai, Form VI: Niman, Form VII: Juyo)

    EQUIPMENT: Non-hooded red and yellow robes, the same style of the robes worn by the Jedi Crusaders in the Mandalorian Wars. Varik wears these robes to remember his ancestor that fought in the Mandalorian Wars, as well as a grim reminder of what happened to the Jedi that followed Revan. They are made of light, durable material, giving no restrictions in movement - and great flexibility. During combat missions, Varik wears hooded black/gray robes over his standard robes. He also has two cortosis forearm sheaths, which encompass the entirety of his forearms. They are useful for deflecting lightsabers - albeit for a time, as well as swords.

    OCCUPATION: Jedi Knight (Sentinel)

    HISTORY: With Hord relinquished from from his mind, Varik is at ease. However, events from his past could plague his future - and he is haunted by his memories of being wrested by Tulak Hord.




    NAME: Corre Solus

    AFFILIATION: Galactic Republic

    GENDER: Male

    AGE: 27

    SPECIES: Human

    APPEARANCE: Corre is a large (6'1", 190lb), and very muscular, hence his large and powerful build. He has green eyes and short reddish-brown hair, cut in military fashion. He also had a Havoc Squad tattoo on his right eye.

    WEAPONS: Charric, vibroknife, sonic vibrosword.

    OCCUPATION: Havoc Squad

    HISTORY: Corre was a Republic Marine Lieutenant prior to being in Havoc Squad. Aside from his tenacity on the battlefield, he had been known for his chivalry - a high mark he was noted for while in training. He is very cool-headed and has a high endurance. During the Sacking of Coruscant, he saved Varik Athzaria while he was in combat with a Sith Lord - Darth Janus. He and Varik became close friends, and is one of his few links into the world of the Republic miltiary. He was even responsible for Varik's learning of numerous unarmed fighting strategies, most pre-dominitely Teräs Käsi.



    NAME: Kif Lomuta

    AFFILIATION: Republic

    GENDER: Male

    AGE: 35

    SPECIES: Twi'lek

    APPEARANCE: Kif has a moderate build (5'7", 150 lb), and emerald green eyes. He is a Rutian twi'lek. He has discoloration on the area of his face where new skin had been grafted - where he was cut by a lightsaber (dark blue/purple).

    WEAPONS: Zabrak Tystel Mark III Heavy Blaster, Vibrosword.

    EQUIPMENT: Rugged custom-made smuggling suit (equivalent to medium armor), Beemon Package implant, Verpine Bond gauntlets, ocular eye implants.

    OCCUPATION: Freelancing Smuggler.

    HISTORY: Kif was never the same after he lost his sight. New skin was grafted on his face - where a lightsaber had rendered him blind. However - the skin grafted was rejected by the body - causing a discoloration where it was grafted. His ocular eye implants were strong - but he couldn't shoot as well with a blaster as he used to. He still excelled at pazaak, but he had gained a subtle coldness in his personality.

  9. I want multi-vitamins and fish oil pills so I don't have to eat.


    WHAT? Why would you not want to eat?! That's one fo the greatest aspects of human nature!


    And what do I want?


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  10. I'm not good at picking favorites, so I'm just going to make a list of how enjoyable each planet was:


    Korriban: Great backstory. I always enjoy exploring around it as well as the lore. You have to admit, tomb exploring is one of the best experiences in the whole game. BOS:SR just makes it a lot funner.


    Taris: I love its complexity - there's just so much to do on it. A shame that the other planets weren't as large. And don't get me started on the Duelling Ring!


    Manaan: The music is so orgasmic - I tell you. My favorite ambiance music in the whole game. It brings a much different feel than all the other planets, and the Selkath is a great new species that BioWare introduced into Star Wars.


    Dantooine: So peaceful and tranquil - and is home to one of my favorite scenes in the game - creating your lightsaber. Oh, how proud you feel when you have the mystical weapon in your own hands! And lets not forget the Crystal Cave!


    Unknown World: Probably the greatest scenery in the whole game. BioWare clearly outdid themselves with the beaches, temples, and the hammerhead cruiser. And the Rakata, oh the Rakata!


    Tatooine: I liked Tatooine. As with everything else BioWare does, the expansion on the environment of it - especially the Sand People - is simple awesome. I enjoyed taking the path to learn their culture, and then slaughtering them to get my pearl back!


    Kashyyyk: So many trees - and it shows the darker side of Czerka Corp. I liked the Shadowlands - it was dark and scary on my first playthrough - and the introduction of the Ritual Beast scared the hell outta me.


    Yavin Station: A bit short for my liking - but the history of Yavin IV and all of the items make up exponentially for it. If only BioWare allowed us to go to Yavin IV.


    Endar Spire / Leviathan / Star Forge: Short, sweet, and action packed - I much enjoyed the plot and battle sequences in them.

  11. "Well, thats whats going to happen, if Zarev decides he wants to wait for Kif to heal."


    "We should stop here, if there is an enemy ahead we don't want to alert him by driving up with this loud speeder, wouldn't you agree?"


    "Good point. The enemy is about a few hundred meters away.", Varik replied.


    He ignited his lightsaber to be a light as he navigated his way through the canyon, loosing his footing as he fell down a slope onto another crevice.


    "I don't like this planet. Too much canyon. Reminds me of Korriban.", Varik said to himself. "What do you think we'll find?", he asked Corsail.

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