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  1. Hey Canderis. It's been a while. How've you been?

  2. Mim, is everything post: 7-10-12...gone?

  3. LDR

    I swear, I think I'm going to die of old age before you ever get around to adding me to the TWC and IMB Member Lists (on the forums). :xp:

  4. Don't worry, I got it fixed. :) Unfortunately, I was in the Jedi Temple Ruins when the servers went down...in the middle of a fight.

  5. Well, I thought you were sitting on your ass all day. :D

  6. You were right, my Sentinel did catch up with yours. And I made another 10k off of the Galactic Market. Gotta love Rubat and Eralam crystals. :D

  7. Well, my characters are on the Harbinger server, as well as the others in [TWC] and [iMB].

  8. My main is Athzaria - Jedi Knight/Sentinel (DPS). The others are Lomuta - Smuggler/Scoundrel (DPS), Corre - Trooper/Commando (DPS), and Tyzen - Jedi Consular/Shadow (DPS).


    My Imperial main is A'trion - Sith Warrior/Juggernaut (DPS). The other two are Ha'ra'n - Imperial Agent/Operative (DPS), and Vadrik - Bounty Hunter/Mercenary (DPS).

  9. Mine's Level 9. One class away from dual sabers. :xp: What's your name on there so I could add you?

  10. I got my main character, Varik Athzaria, made. Now to finish Tython....(in a few days)

  11. Righty-o. I'll get my Republic characters made. Looking forward to playing with you. Hearing me in battle is going to be...amusing. :xp:

  12. Ok, I put my characters in the TWC forum. Is there one for the Imperialist Basterds? Because I'm making Sith characters too, you'know.

  13. Did you write 2014? It was really good, you wrote it almost exactly like Orwell would have written it. :D

  14. Hey, I'm getting a TOR subscription pretty soon, so what server are you and MrObiWan/whomever else on? And may I join The Imperialist Meatbags/Walking Carpets? (I'm sorry, I have no idea where anything is. XD)

  15. LDR

    Hey, I'm getting a TOR subscription very soon. What server are your Republic characters on? Vornskr, I'm assuming?

  16. Alrighty then. What server are your Republic characters on?

  17. Alright, I payed my father the $80 needed for a 6-month subscription. I'll be able to play TOR once he sets up the credit card and everything. (in 1-3 days).

  18. Hey, how's it going?

  19. Hey, I might be getting a TOR subscription in a few days. It took me long enough, I know, I'm just a busy/lazy bastard.

  20. In Nightmares on Gehenna, all of the chapters are going to be in the same thread. Just letting you know.

  21. Hey Mach, sorry I didn't send in the chapter yet. I've just been busy with school and stuff. I should have it in by the end of the week.

  22. Chev, don't worry about it. Hord WANTS a challenge. :xp:

  23. Elvis Priesly? Garbage? That's a new one.

  24. Forgive me if Hord is a wee bit overpowered. He IS an ancient Sith Lord, you'know. :p

  25. Heh, those made me crack a smile. :)


    and did you hear about what happened at BSN? Stanley Woo locked the giant thread where folks would gather to nag about the ending. Way to fail, Stan.

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