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  1. I was waiting for the others.

  2. Yep. I'm skype-ing with him right now.

  3. LDR

    Hey buddy!

  4. Thanks! And yep. Thelightfang is one of my buddies from BOS, along with Yukub. :D

  5. I believe, I've quite possibly made, the greatest post I've ever made in an RP! :D

  6. Well, Varik's head IS in an emotional crisis. But thank you, I appreciate it. :D

  7. My character development of Varik is becoming very interesting. I might write a fanfic to explain his troubled past, and how he is losing himself to madness.

  8. Thanks for recommending me the RP Badge. I'm honored. :) I'll be sure to return the favor in a few months.

  9. Hey buddy. Thanks for seconding Karn's recommending my of the RP Badge. I'm honored. :)

  10. For just starting to Role-Play, you RP very well. :D

  11. You're probably wondering who Yukub is. He's one of my buddies from BoS. :D

  12. LDR

    That's good to know. Things are going good on this end, albeit crawling along. :xp:

  13. LDR

    Hey Shem! How goes everything?

  14. Hey Chev! Any grand RPs that you're going to have?

  15. LDR

    Oh! And yes, I have deadlystream.

  16. Hey SH! What endeavors has thou been up to? :)

  17. All of them? XD My offer is that the ten people get regular updates on all the mods, and you get to beta test all of them.

  18. Hey man! It's been forever! How's life been treating you?

  19. Of course I know what that means! :xp: I've been Holding the Line since March 12th. Anyways, I look forward to all of your replies to the RPs. I tend to like your posts, very detailed, some good reading. Especially Poteryannyĭ. :D Whatever he's going to do to Daugon/Fa'ask is probably going to be worse than death.

  20. Since I helped beta test for you, would you like to be one of the 10 people who beta test for me?

  21. Archon! I see you're Holding the Line as well :D! Welcome back, we missed you.

  22. Congrats on the badge! Seems like everyone's getting them now. :xp:

  23. When you said "Dad", I wholly expected to see God in one of the next chapters. To my surprise that the Norse Gods are in this now! I look forward to the next few chapters.

  24. LDR


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