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  1. I get beat up on constanltly in multiplayer, I have high pings does pings matter in jk2 online.plase give me some training techniques and pointers-maybe im just pushing the wrong buttons-im sick and tired of this crap.
  2. it is a hardware modem-for sure-just cant play jedi knight without connection interupted.something really needs to be done about this.im sure a lot of other people have this problem too.I need a solution and a cant afford shelling out 500 dollars a year for cable modem.
  3. I have bought a brand new 80 dollar us robotics gaming modem and connect at 44000. I cant play jedinight 2 online because of the connection interupted thing -cant play at all.please help
  4. I posted my first two posts on sunday night and wake up on monday morning to see If I had any responses,BUT my posts were deleted-WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?PLEASE HELP!
  5. I have a 56k connection to the internet and try to play JK2 online,I get CONNECTION INTERUPTED every time I play on a server. I know I speak for a lot of people on this,PLEASE HELP ME!
  6. I have a 56k connection to the internet and try to play JK2 online,but I keep getting connection interrupted ALL THE TIME,I have browser set to 56k. I know I speak for a lot of other people on this, PLEASE HELP ME!
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