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  1. well started playing XWA again, here is the problem im having if I have CD in drive mission won't load, but if i press my cdrom to open the drive mission loads and works. not sure if it's cause i have a dvdrom drive or my cd2 is messed up /shrugs
  2. actually got my mouse pointer back it seems to be something to do with the imperial xwa. I reinstalled 1.1 since i was using 1.0 and my pointer is back
  3. Playing XWA alot more lately and noticed that I have no mouse pointer now anyone know of a fix for this? Im using a 6800 XT
  4. that is a understatement only two i have found worth anything has been JasonP and Preston
  5. well im not much of a Rebel, sorry imperial in heart I haven't met Reaper but I heard he's a pretty cool guy. We work hand and hand with RL alot on events
  6. yeah Max was in Jedi knight if you followed a droid to a secret door and went in he would be in there
  7. There was talk awhile back, but i don't know, i have talked to the PR at LEC a few times (since i have had to work with LEC and LFL both for events) and mentioned it to her a few times that the xwing community would love another game.
  8. we have alot of different costumes, i have a tie pilot, royal guard
  9. Let's see today i got my tk boots in the mail, starting to work slowly on my TK armor. Repainted my tie helmet, and it's armor. Still got alot of work left on the TK *Sigh*
  10. Some of them can be, unfornately our LMO get's really picky over some costumes
  11. btw Leemu im back on starsider as bienka
  12. Well combat for NGE only thing i dislike mainly is the lightspeed NPCs lol Again it seems to me that SOE is trying to do what guildwars has done.
  13. Well Groovy you know me, i can see why in the first pic thou it looks like it's a rubies Darth maul costume Cause the booties don't lie hehe me i got 2 costumes mainly found a really good set of ABS Clone trooper armor under 500. The best bet is find out what garrison your near and sign up on the forums and tell them your a potental member and want to talk to the GML about what is acceptable then when you send your pics in the LMO (which is on my crap list right now) is really picky anyway Im going to pm you with my number I can try to help you out as much as possible.
  14. Well personally I play to have fun and sometimes getting the cheat codes and just going insane wiping things out makes me feel better
  15. I was lookign at the battlefronts exe it has stuff in there like cheats.lowres, cheats.ammo, cheats. etc so i tried doing a few things not sure and this is for pc *shrug*
  16. yeah we are in 20 counties 3000 members worldwide
  17. I don't know im keeping a open mind and ready to begin testing! *wishes that SOE would change the black/gold armor to the blue 501st desigation color*
  18. TC said it once you do one costume you do more...I started out as a off duty NCO/Pilot finished off my pilot and said no more, then did a custom Mandolarin with black sheme (not acceptable by 501st) then my royal guard LOL and now my wife is planning on getting Stormtrooper armor and now she's working on a Amdila dress LOL So once you start it's almost like a drug you are always modifying making it better, we for my RG went though 10 yard of fabric just for the inner robe until it looked right.
  19. Actually alot of them do, im a Tie pilot/Royal guard hehe
  20. Hi Im not sure what to say about the 501st legion except when you troop with them in costume they are the most awesome folx you ever meet, we are maybe planning a 501st Legion group to play with folx online so be on the lookout for us!! But I personally want to thank Lucasarts, Lucasfilms and George for this great honor he has given our group. Part 2 of this 501st report in for duty!
  21. Quote: Originally Posted by Wraith 8 empire. rebels are a bunch of exploiters who cant get their act together at least on Starsider server plus the empire gets al the cool items Doubled . Tripled Also you forget most of the adults are imperial
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