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  1. Quick question here. As my expriment to create a new style is progressing (slooowly), I noticed that in superstylelist.2da we have the animation settings (like sm_01-a for ParaPalm). But there are numbers missing, like sm_02-a, sm_04-a and even sm_8-a to sm_12-a and so forth - and some of these, even some that are actually listed, can't be found in the data folder. Can someone shed some light on this?
  2. Wookiepedia. But if Nemo survives, you can't loot his robe
  3. Poor guy, getting killed on Dantooine of all places... The only reference I have of a Nemo and Bastila conversation is from Wookiepedia, so don't know how accurate that is, but if it is out there (and searching for "Nemo" isn't good enough), I'd be thrilled if someone had it/can write it. Also (twas in plural in the title ) another restored/cut content request: Carth's dialogue in the Apartment - I did find something by DarthJebus05, but it seems broken (and the file isn't hosted on fileplanet anymore). Carth apparently (?) had more to say on the Leviathan, which I think is included in Allronix' dlg pack... And... uh, no, that's it really. Just waiting for a reply from svösh and it's all good. Have a nice evening, everyone! EDIT: Found the Leviathan part, was in Allronix' mod afterall. And I'll do the male underwear myself since svösh seems to be on holiday <.<
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