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  1. aawwwww i know its kind of old but me dad got the game off the internet nd it wont take mods any help?????
  2. on kamino (on instant action) it show you can have gunships and jedi starships and when i play it there are NO ships is this normal???????
  3. as imps be the dark trooper jump to the middle box and capture it and STAY there and hold it until more imps come along and help even they have no brains and KILL each other then get yourself killed (just do it) be a sniper and get on top of YOU'RE box and kill the rebs always works for me!!!!!!
  4. i hide and wait until the shield is down and then shoot
  5. oooohhhhh.......... sorry
  6. just kill the forces its the easiest and quickest
  7. getting more mines and laying them down makes ONE of the others blow up
  8. using imps are easy but rebs are real hard because the at-at's are already done with the generator (it seems like this) so just focus all fire power on the at-ats mostly vanguards is the most useful when you are imps go to the generator and KILL IT!!!!!!! then kill the rest of the rebs
  9. the dark trooper has a COOL gun its the future shotgun
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