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  1. With the announcment that Lucasarts are licencing out games development I still think we will see a final chapter in this franchise.
  2. Yeah Wookieepedia and Wikipedia are to be taken with a pinch of salt.
  3. Holy crap yourself, no you're not the only one who reads wookepedia, but obviously you're the only one who believes everything on there as gospel.
  4. So what do we think now guys, subject 1138 is the original Galen? And 1157 is us in the tank? I'm very confused!
  5. I said this ages and ages ago and the idea got shot down in flames. I think you're right though. Because Galens body would have been in space long enough to die. And when he wakes up at the medical facility all his scars are gone and everything, in fact in his words he flet better than he ever had before. I would say the force spirit was transported into a new body.
  6. Yep it's all getting very interesting, is he a clone or not?
  7. Okay it's great that there is going to be a Special Edition, but it looks like it will only be for 360 and PS3? If so that's disgusting, as i'm going to be getting it on PC and Wii.
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