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  1. whats the deal with the storyline in the second one ?..... ive only read a little bit about it , but atm it sounds pretty dumb!! Why would they make the hero of the first one, a villin in the second ...sooo annoying lol . Anyone else think the same way i do ??

  2. i think this topic is being thought into a little to much lol.

    I dont think he ever died, e.g when vader slapt him around and at the end of the game.

    Reason why ..... i find it hard to belive they would already kill off the main charcter in the middel of the game.....


    Also , based on things that ive heard about the cloning idea, its all very inconclusive , there is something else behined the curtain. We still dont know for sure that he is a clone which means he oviously didnt die at the end of TFU , only time will tell guys. :)

  3. i like it, it makes him unique :) i like the way how he switches to normal stance durin the moves. It would be cool if you could turn them on and off durin gameplay, like who needs a lightsaber when u can just bbq lighnting crisp storm troopers lol

    p.s cchheeeeese :)

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