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  1. mmm i dunno it all sounds abit far-fetched atm . I can belive the cloneing bit and his spirit being transfered once! , but i dont think it happened when vader destroyed him infront of the emperor lol. Im not sure he actually dies in that part.... meh , then again

    Anything is possible with the force :)

  2. OH MY GOD IM SSOO0O0O0O FRUSTRATED !!! i dont know why or at who...

    probly just the world. Everything people say or do , even when they are just near me. I feel like going CRAZY !!


    So i though id let you guys take out some

    of your frustration also. Whats been pissing you off lately?? My number one contender atm is my BOSS !!! He is so dumb and thinks hes funny , says stupid jokes that no one but him laughs at !!! Let it all out guys


    GO NUTS lol !!!!!!!!!!:thmbup1:

  3. Hi Obi Dan, welcome to the forums. :)

    I like the idea and it sounds good in theory. But ive said it before a couple times. Personally luke is a bit of a panzy ....hahah they didnt make him bad enough in the movie and i think that effected my opinion of him.


    But having said that, if they did make a game based on him , and it was made like the force unleashed (awsome force powers and stuff) or even an rpg ... and more with an evil streak or even stronger in some way, i would Deffinetly Consider it :)

  4. Its ok Veni ...." You are not alone, I am here with you " haha i know exactly what you mean buddy - And so does ALEXRD lol . It looks SILLY the way they have created it all, unless your playing a game thats based on a cartoon show / movie, e.g Naruto or Dragon Ball Z.


    I though one of the main points of the game was to try and make it look as realistic as possible unless thats the look they purposly are going for. I will say the movies look so amazing though ) :) but , theres nothing we can do to change it.


    And btw The Incredibles movie was awwssoommee, im still waiting for the next one :)

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