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  1. what a comeback lol i totally agree with you schem, i dont get why people are saying it was a bad story and whatever. Like you said, theres a reason why it won awards
  2. Dont think the story timeline would really fit in, but maybe a movie about what happened after ep VI (return of the jedi ) that could be cool
  3. Any SW game that is being announced is exciting , cant wait to see what it is. And its only on the 360 ....sweeeetttt!! *drooollsss* lol
  4. wow ! good old georgie boy getting down and dirty with the worker bees lol good on him .
  5. its probly just a random number for the cloneing thing lol
  6. I loved it ! even though there were some small things like the targeting system that annoyed me . But as for the sith robe ....really lol i didnt think it was that hard to get lol i think i got it in the first or second go . And yes , it isnt an rpg game so its not going to be as in depth storywise, but i still though it was pretty amazing the way it made me feel while i was playing. You feel in control and and powerful , which is what i think they tried to get across to people. Wanted you to feel the force flow through you haha
  7. Yer i dont think it was that bad actually lol , ive heard people complaining about it all over the place but i didnt think it overlly crappy lol. There were sometimes where it was a bit frusturating but it was manageable for me ...
  8. yer id probly also say that it isnt non-canon, most of the events that happen can be incorperated into the actuall story. It all kinda fits togethor The timeline of the game also probly is another factor into the game being canon. It was set like right in between the sequals and prequals.Perfect timing if you ask me. and the downloadable content ....meh it could be canon IF the sith had one but oviously no because they didnt.
  9. hahaha , was thinking the same thing....
  10. i dont know what it is about him but he just doesnt seem as powerful as anyone else to me lol. I dunno maybe its my imagination lol
  11. Have you ?? Yer (MARKETING) all they see is dollar signs,not what their fans want. 1. Its an MMO, lol need i say more ? 2. Since when do you need to BUY the game ,THEN sit and play and possibly pay more for the monthly fee, and THEN make an opinion on whether or not you like it , if it looks bad why bother ? Yer lets go and pay MORE after buying the game , so that we can wait untill they make the game a bit better lol . Doesnt seem smart to me. Dont worry i wont be playing it or even considering it lol. And i am judging it based on what ive seen, heard and given my opinion. Dont like it , deal with it. But we should probly just agree to dissagree on this one because these guys wont hear the end of it lol
  12. yer i dont mind a bit of kyle, but i still think even he would look a lot cooler with robe also on him
  13. [@ Alexrd= You have wrote so many things wrong that I don't know from where to start...] Wrong according to who ? you ? all it is , is a difference of opinion. You may be someone who enjoys playing MMO 's whereas im not.... Stateing the oviouse isnt being wrong. you can clearly see there is SOME truth in what im saying from all of the outraged and dissappointed kotor fans. So correct me where im wrong please...
  14. Hi guys! just wanted to get your thoughts on something... when i play games, the costume factor is a big contributer to my gaming expeirience. It provides me with different types of feelings at the one time, e.g look at how baddass my guy looks . Personally for starkiller, i would much rather see him in long flowing robes or dark cloked outfits. Not a big fan of the armoured ,sqaure box look they sometimes give you lol. What would you guys like to see ?
  15. its going to be $***!!! a flop, a waste of time and money, and the worste idea they could have ever dremt up. Take out the online prospective and what would you have?? A horrible excuse for a sequal. what would be the point in buying and suscribing to something thats clearly inferior to the rpg's in both storyline , graphics and just general gameplay feeling. the only reason its online is so that they can suck the life out of your funs each month lol . I have tried to get into it by watching trailers diaries and all that ... but i just cant lol it looks terrible lol sorry to say to the creators but damn lol ---so bottom line, take it offline and you've got NOTHING .
  16. not to ruffle anyones feathers....but does anyone else think luke is a little bit of a panzi ???....especially compared to Starkiller lol
  17. If it was ever going to be a co-op i think it would be sweet as if Vader , The Emperor and Starkiller had a mission where they went to wipe out some wookies lol (everyone bags the wookies) would be cool to have them both at your side kicking hairy wookie but
  18. i personally would think darth plagueis would be more related to the story then anything imagine if starkiller had a sort of vision about darth plaueis with plagueis revealing all of the emperors secretes and weaknesses ( as far fetched as that sounds) Would be cool to fight him and maybe gain his respect. And yer as for reven, i dont think he would really have any relevence in the story lol as much as i also love him.
  19. Kotor becoming an mmo could never really have a place in my heart. honestly in my opinion, i think they have butchered the hole kotor franchise. The mmo may be a good financial investment for them, but i dont feel as if its going to live up to the real kotor series and have that same feeling and effect that the rpg versions did.
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