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  1. Well I don't realy notice any change but i might just not be seeing it. Can u also tell me wat other patches there are after 1.3. Is there 1.4 1.5 1.6? Or does it just go strait to 2.0 conversion patch?
  2. okay well i've just downloaded v1.3 and i check top right corner and it says v1.1 i just did full download and extracted it and everything help:yelhelp:
  3. ?????? And how would I go about doing that? No rudeness intended.
  4. Okay well download v1.1 and it said incompatible
  5. now i downloaded my v1.1 patch but now it says it not compatible with my version of swbf2!:hatchrun:
  6. ezy096

    Patch Problems

    hi im downloading this very same patch
  7. hello hello. i think i might have downloaded amd installed v1.1 patch but nothing changed everything is the same!!!its infuriating oh and whoever replies to this could u please tell me how many patches after this one? Whoever awnsers this thankyou! thankyou! thankyou! signed : A guy who plays swbf2 who is confused...:bounfire::
  8. hay sorry my nickname works now. sorry for wasting your time but if u have any advice for patch 1.1 for swbf2 i am downloading it soon
  9. someone please help me i cant go online and it just says nickname invalid! so i just click join wwithout really loging in but i cant make friends or send friend requests and i cant acsses leaderboARD!
  10. once again i need your help as soon as possible
  11. hello, i changed my name on swbf2 from richmond to[killer]richmond because i joined a clan but when i tried to log in it just siad nickname invalid.... So the i just pressed the join tab on near the upper left corner of the screen. please help because of this i cannot send or send or recieve friend requests, i also cannot view the leaderboard. Please please please, help!!!
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