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  1. ^ Like i said i "Don't remember" never said it didn't happen.
  2. - Most wouldn't use the backhand grip because it is risky, however if used correctly it does quick powerful slashes, blocking with a backhanded grip is usually the Negative which is why most would dodge instead of block X.x though I don't recall in any CG in TFU that Galen blocks with a backhand grip, so it does show that he switches styles from Offensive to defensive. O and also...Revan supposedly used a Back-handed grip once.
  3. @Sage - Vadar knew about Palpatines "traitorous nature" before this game in the books, its just he is once more shown. Subject 1138 -- Galen Marek. - He could've been cut off from the force when he used such a huge force repulse against palpatine or He was in a near-death state, Hell there are people in the real world who "Die" but then can be brought back. Don't forget there was also a Jedi trance that made the heart beat so faintly that they appeared dead (I don't presume he has this however seeing as how it was an ancient trance used by few). -Do to his near death experience he also has a coma or vadar worked on suppressing his memory with the technology at Kamino. While at Kamino vadar does clone him as seen in the trailer. Galen finally heals and right now currently a blank slate, due to his coma and the new memories possibly imprinted, does not question he is a clone. When he does have the visions he begins to have doubt and that is when vadar tries to keep him under control by telling him he is a clone. The clone begins to believe his master for a moment until his memories begin to resurface more and more. The final stepping stone to realizing that Vadar is not telling him the whole truth is in the Trailer "Vadar has betrayed me for the last time" this is when he begins to believe he is the true galen but with no proof to go on he goes off to find himself <Follows with the Storyline as to Find out if he is a clone or not> so he goes for Kota in hopes to also perhaps find Juno at the same time. It would seem it would be going ^ that way to me...but they might do something slightly diffrent...
  4. X.x you need to re-look at how each were stabbed then deesynder...-sigh- cause if he was indeed stabbed in the stomach + Thrown around the room like some puppet, he would of died. Darth Vadar stabbed him in a spot that would look to be fatal. X.x jeez...he said it himself that he had to do that in front of the Emperor....-sigh-
  5. You realize Qui-Gon and Galen got stabbed in different spots right? >.> If so then yes logically he would of died.
  6. I hope "The Old Republic" mmorpg allows you to switch styles ^ and includes a backhand grip, not a double, just a backhand grip etc. What i do hope for is that they included more customization = Stances in the game, in one of the teasers / short videos, you see him having 2 sabers and holding them not in a backhanded grip.
  7. With one of the flashbacks it does look like she died....and like Darth Vadar said, as long as she is alive he will be able to control him. This will be a true test for Galen, to resist the lure to the dark-side by losing someone he loves.
  8. Darth Revan - Only because he was EPIC for his time and starkiller is EPIC at this time Epic vs Epic = !@$?!^&*....yes...it must happen
  9. Korr800 is also a baka o.o "Wookieepedia" is like anything else on the internet half the time you try to look for info, false or barely having detail, in certain cases they give a good amount but UNTIL the info on that place is made by the people who made the game, i won't read it.
  10. ^ Yes sith spear = Midnight Spear, which is why i said, if they logically gave it to starkiller it would be cool. . .
  11. Well if this was...way back then, then yes, you could use soooo many other force powers Sith spear <-- Dark Side Force Wall <-- Light side Death Field.... Look there is a lot okay~ XP its just they have no logical means to teach more force powers....Even force lightning was a stretch cause, Vadar can't use Lightning, Force choke we might see though.
  12. Hey, if they continoue to much, you get stuff like Megaman or Sonic. Now sure, some megaman and sonic games are good, but going to much, you lose the mojo. Yes they could continoue....but they need to be careful with what to work on. They should work on a Kotor 3 because they still have loose ends.
  13. ._. you all fail to realize that they haven't made a Kotor 3 ...so they might go back to that game and explain what happened to Raven and the Exile.
  14. IF galen didn't want to protect everyone, he might have won the clash Notice however the stormtroopers, who were about to shoot the rebels for dead. So by closing in just enough, he then use a great >Force Repulse< Which basically 'killed' himself in the process but it knocked away all the storm troopers and allowed the rebels to escape.
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