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  1. I am asking if perhaps anyone knows how to actually change the character model size in Kotor/Kotor2. Specifically I'm working on a modification that makes the Zakkeg on Dxun in Kotor 2 actually "Built like a baragwin battle tank" and of a formidable looking size rather than the midsize armadillo thing of similar size to the totally "average" bomas in the Vanilla version. I want the Zakkeg to be roughly twice as tall as the PC and still able to walk around its "zone" outside the cave.
  2. Indeed... ..Or in this case, a wiry teen smuggler.
  3. To quote Wikipedia: Unlike many other Doom-based games, Dark Forces attempted a realistic approach: The missions followed a certain storyline, sometimes interrupted by videos to progress the tale. Each mission had its own briefing and objective. The levels were designed to represent actual bases, mines, facilities, and other known places from the Star Wars universe, like Star Destroyer interiors, Jabba's ship, Coruscant, etc. Still not a full-on clone. Edit: Also apparently the Jedi game engine actually expounded on the doom engine's designs and added more capabilities such-as "room-within-room buildings which weren't present in doom or its copies. Dark Forces also relied heavily on puzzle solving which would have been risky if you consider the attention-span of doom shooters. Edit: And if I learned how to read context better I would see you're talking about Dark Forces having already covering the "Doom" angle...sorry bout that diatribe there...
  4. Yet KOTOR was a huge "risk" in its experimental approach to mixing the Turn- Based RPG basis with a narrative and making it all go down in a Third-Person perspective. Battlefront was totally different than any other Star Wars properties as it focused on the perspective of the soldiers fighting all of the movie hero's battles, but it was highly successful. Republic Commando carried the same concept, but applied squad-tactics into the gameplay (also rather untested with the Star Wars license) I could name many more "risky" properties, but the point is that nearly all, if not all of the classic Star Wars "hits" were severely risky, but they paid off. I think it would be more in this game's benefit if they were to try something different for a change and implement something players can connect with and differentiate it from the Uncharted games it is heavily derived from; and since when has the Lucasarts license followed currently popular games, thusly copied them, and made anything fans actually wanted?
  5. Are you looking for help on some of the artwork? I do character drawings all the time and am interested in working on this, if you want.
  6. I have not seen any mods that have an E-11 in the Kotor mods (for some reason). My only suggestion for you would be to find a 3d model of an E-11 and either you or someone else convert it for Kotor. I found a free model on a google search at GoogleSketchup This is the only free one that I found after an exhaustive search, but maybe you could find one if you looked. (I don't know if the model type will even work with the Kotor 3d converter, but that's all I could find for free ) Also, there are probably E-11 models in other SW games, but porting assets from a different game-to this game is frowned on.
  7. To be more succinct with my question, Does anyone know what code or .2da causes the sparks to fire? I have edited the visualeffects.2da and it has no effect. If I should've posted these questions in the hollowan consortium rather than the mod request section, please could one of the Moderators transfer this thread out to that one. I apologize if that has been problematic.
  8. So you can only make it lighter or darker overall... Well, that sucks. But your mod really did present a difference to the original lighting. And all you did was lower the overall brightness for it? Well, thank you for the information anyway, and I must say that I really like your darker lighting mod on Peragus and especially the Harbinger. Edit__ And I just now noticed that you were the author of the mod I was referring to in my reply to you....
  9. Okay. My apologies for the improper post location, I am still getting used to the protocol. I'll just transfer the title to a different topic. Appreciate the quick response! Though, to answer your question, I am trying to edit the lightmap textures themselves so that I can get rid of some of the awful lighting in the Telos Station modules and basically many other miscellaneous planetary locations throughout KotorII. I don't know a danged thing about lightmaps besides the fact that they are stored as images .TGAs. I just recently found out that someone had a bunch of them edited, so I know it's possible. I've seen maybe ONE tutorial on how lightmaps work, and that just showed how to make a new module; which I don't want to do for effectively, the ENTIRE game!
  10. So, I for one have wanted to change nearly all of the lightmaps in Kotor2, but I haven't a program akin to 3dsmax to create new ones. Is there possibly a way or perhaps tutorial on how you would be able to change existing lightmaps without using a 3d program, like Max?
  11. Wow! simple yet complicated. Are there any tutorials on how I would use photoshop to make the animation? I understand the basics on how to make frames, but besides that........I've no idea. Also, am I supposed to change the file format when I edit it or before I put it in-game?... Once again, no idea how to do this...!
  12. I have searched everywhere on these forums and parts of google for information pertaining to how one would create or edit a texture in Kotor that animates and I have found nothing that even steers me in the right direction. What is the method one would go about to create an animated texture? Will it require more than mere texture editing programs? Will I need to reference it in code? I have a basic understanding of what animated textures look like (a huge row of small pictures), but when I try to edit them in Photoshop, they stop animating.
  13. I am fairly ignorant when it comes to coding, and I have run into a bit of trouble with the game animations. I edited the sparks in the game so that they are bigger and more realistic than the default versions, and unfortunately, the game is hard coded to throw sparks from every conceivable attack; including unarmed combat. Is there anyone who knows how to change the unarmed animations to throw out a different particle or to remove the sparks specifically from the unarmed animations?
  14. Not in the time alotted Yet the Mandalorians are extinct. There weren't enough left to establish a monarchy. What I am referencing is Star Wars Bounty Hunter and various comic books that are backstory for both Jango Fett and the Antagonist, Komari Vosa to establish the canon they represent. Eh? No because they don't match established canon that I keep referencing. The EU is what has been busy establishing every other character from the movies. So you disagree with what the EU has been churning out for about ten years?!
  15. Ho boy! The one where they are some sort of Monarchy like Naboo. And somehow they repopulated Mandalore and established a democratic society? The sheer amount of time that this all transpired would have to have been roughly two decades (The Dark Jedi Komari Vosa led the jedi to extinguish the mandalorian armies to make them "extinct" and she was barely thirty right before the clone wars started). That and Jango was with the remaining mandalorians during his role as mand'alor before he was captured and they were made "extinct". Even if they established a great monarchy, the galaxy would have taken far more notice than they did in the first two movies (that is they took no notice) It seems I said that in error. My apologies. Yes, the pacifists. The very notion that the Mandalorians as a people would be modeled after Corellia in so many ways. "We want to fight this threat ourselves, but we are too mired by politics to do so" Are they going to be desolated by the Empire whenever they come in a month or so? I remember that Boba was the last Mandalorian and his people were either unknown or eradicated. Sure, because Jaster, Mandalor the Ultimate, Canderous Ordo, Jango Fett, that one Old Republic mando (I think he becomes Mandalor after the KOTOR comics), and even the pre-coruscant Taungs all didn't have that same personality? How is their portrayal not an organized military society? Or did you mean that they shouldn't have an honor code? -Wait a minute.. TESB The Empire Strikes Back?! That canon about Boba being a journeyman protector was rewritten before Episode II.- Thanks for the input. YEah! I definitely gave up on Legacy after they killed Mara for some Civil War hooha. I can see where there is a bit of distaste for her writing. I mean, all of the authors totally misconstrued eachother's work and broke the whole thing beyond repair. Hey! you got a point. She really messed up Legacy of The Force. I still don't see that as a reason to omit everything she wrote/established. I mean, a secret base on Kryimoot, right under the empire's nose... more details about Mandalorian customs and an entire made-up language... decent to me. -She's still no Timothy Zahn though-
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