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  1. Wow, didn't realize it was three years. My bad, I contacted Buffy but She probably won't answer me. I also made a thread over at the Filefront forum but no one has replied back. You wouldn't happen to have the files would you?
  2. Hi I think the download link for this is broken. The link doesn't work. I really want this
  3. your welcome!!! Glad I could help! If you have anymore questions involving cheats just send me a PM and I'll answer it the best I can.
  4. HI I just beat the game last night and i was wondering how do I switch between a butcher knife to the dagger of brutos or whatever the name of it is? Do I have to go to the hideout or something?
  5. OK try doing this...Primary+Secondary+Down Primary+Secondary+Up Primary and Secondary=KATA heres what I do mouse1+mouse2+W(or Arrowup) mouse1+mouse2+S(or ArrowDown)
  6. Can you send me a copy of that asset? my email is jddavis@directv.net or just PM me here.
  7. Dangit! OK thanks Razor, would it be possible to make an SP mod version? Probably not being codes and stuff
  8. OK i found out how to make a pk3 but how do i make a .skin file
  9. SORRY FOR SUCH A SHORT DESCRIPTION what is lugor mod/makermod? Can I use it in SP or what? Can someone answer these questions? I hope so.
  10. Name: Bylar Dersieas Dur Race:Zabrak Info:After the death of his parents, Bau-Dur and Winsa-Dur, Bylar became a local thug. He joined a gang and found out he had great abilities. A Jedi Master found him and took his midichlorian count. Bylar had a whopping 1,023,855 count(alittle bit smaller than Anakin). HE didn't believe in te jedi so he killed the master and ran to korriban to learn about the Greatest Dark Lord, Lord Revan. Saber: Double bladed color: red RP Bylar steps into the middle of the room and says" I will challenge you, Mahn'kie!!!!! Bylar grabbed his lightsaber and lunged at the man and swung his saber barely missing Mahn'kies arm. Mahn'kie activated his saber and swung at Bylar. Bylar jumps out of the way and zaps a bolt of lightning at Mahn'kie. manh'kie deflects the lightning and says mockingly" is that the best you got, Zabrak scum?" Bylar lunges at Manh'kie and swings his lightsaber, Mahn'kie screams in pain as the lightsaber cuts a medium sized scar into his arm. Bylar doesn't notice that mahn'kie gets on all 4s. Thinking that he is crippled, bylar walks away from mahn'kie and chuckles. Mahn'kie races twoard bylar and jumps on his back. He digs his claws into Bylars ribs, making Bylar exhale all the air in his lungs. a tall man walks up and points his hand at the two young men. Suddenly, both of the fighters fly into the air and the tall man say "Both of you, stop I won't have blood on my floor we just polished. If you must fight you can go to the sparring room and spar there, If I catch you fighting other than in the sparring rooms or outside the academy then I will send you to disciplinary detention."
  11. Hey i'm new to beta testing so this could be a good start so may I test it?
  12. I don't think so the only cheat I know is to get 2 controllers and plug one into port 1 and the other into port 4 then on port 4 controller press either the black for deeper voice and white for higher voice.
  13. Hey I was wondering if someone could help me by putting AlMighty Gir's Darth Revan into the singleplayer customization thing. I really love Darth Revan he is my favorite character and I dont know how to make him NPC spawnable and player customizationable(is that even a word)So can someone please please help me. I love the KOTOR series characters and I am trying to collect as many as possible so thanks.
  14. Hey I saw a video on youtube about this guy doing a review on mods and he had the pack so I asked him where he got it and he said it was removed so I was wondering if anyone could send me the link to the download. I bet its ported but I found out that if you own the game that its been ported from then it IS legal. I have both the games and I can take a pic for proof
  15. Hey can you send me a copy of the Revan model that was on PCgamemods.com or somethin I can't access that site

  16. hey do you know where any available KOTOR models/skins would be for JKA?

  17. I have the patched version and it still won't work. I have any downloaded dismemberment mods and they don't work
  18. Hey I am trying to make a new race on JKA race selection menu and I am following a tutorial and this tutorial is telling me to make a new .PK3 and I have all the things I need. The tutorial is:http://inyri.info/tutorial_spspecies.php Can anyone help I get confused on this thing. and also how do I make a .SKIN file? OK can someone dumb this tutorial down for me I can't understand all of it? Please help!
  19. Yep your right Razor when anything that says you must make you .npc file smaller means you have to many mods in your base folder and it is most likely because you have downloaded alot of npc mods. just take out any NPC mods that you don't use alot then try again if the message comes up again you have to get rid of more files. Hope that helped
  20. how do I edit a .NPC? I want to edit the dismember probabilities, playermodels, and weapons but I can't delete the letter when I double click on the .NPC file. I use WINRAR to open then. Can someone help?
  21. well I just saw a thread telling me to type some dismemberment codes into the autoexec and I did the dismemberment works but the only blood that i ever get to see it where I cut them like a stump. I did do the helpusobi 1 thing but not that code. Do you know why I can't get blood to work.
  22. OK I downloaded Bloody Dismemberment and I put it in my base folder(the .PK3) but when I kill a NPC it won't work. When I huit them with my saber no blood comes out and it doesn't dismember at all. on a rare occasion I can dismember them. I put this in my target when I go to properties: "C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\jasp.exe" seta g_sabermorerealistic 10 I really like blood and gore so I downloaded Blood=Plus and put the SP PK3 in my base folder and it still won't work. Can someone help me?
  23. Hey I was wondering how do I make a character in the game like Kreia, Mercenary, ect.... into a holographic version.I always did like it as a hologram. Do I use KOTOR tool or something else? Do I have to save it as an .UTI file then place it in the overide folder?
  24. hey everyone! vefore I can post my first mod I need to get screensots of the mod.I dont know how to make screen shots of the mod though because i've never taken any.I also need some beta testers to see if it is good or not.Just PM me with the title Beta testing for Revan
  25. @Gatherun: I know he is just a vision but Before you go to the cave. @Harlll; Could you make a recruit Revan mod?He doesn't have to have a Side quest at all he just needs to answer questions like "Where did you go?" "why didn't you bring along anyone?" those simple things
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