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  1. ok i can run up to as many servers as i have usernames all you have to do is switch users and run the server manager on all the different names and you can use one of the ds server managers on each user also if you start 3 ds manager or 2 dsmanagers on one user it will crash but you can have a server manager and the old dsmanager both running on a username together i have done it for awhile i used to be one of the best on the pc i was good with this kind of stuff those of you might remember my famous underground glitches on mos eisley it got copyrighted from me but yah i have been playing for about 2 years on ps2 now atleast 4 and 1/2 years pc and alittle here and there on my psp and xbox of swbf2 i have got a lot of experience of very complicated hacks servers mods i tried getting campaign to work online throughh server manager since theres no type ability on ps2 like pc that i was used 2 but it loaded and then it does the intro like the movie and **** xl but then it waits for a while wile we wait and talk then lose connection 2 host thats why i need to find a way to type on the small 4 man servers non dedicated on ps2 or a payed for server will work but yah sorry for typing alot or too much ps2 has cheat engine hacks and custom server managers with built in hacks and tools only a few have personall server manager 2 exactly then the official versions like 1.1 1.7 1.8 and 1.10 Then payed for non dedicated server run only 4 players instead of 64 like pc and theres a mod for the max players instead of 24 to be 64 like the pc but it crashes after the game/round ends! Um we also no longer have the ability to download mod map obviously but we have crazy ass people who like to cheat with cheat engine and are mods are done with the server manager it's are only way to mod lol so yah
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