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  1. Really? I didn't see that. Sorry.
  2. Which of the 'Old Republic' CGI trailers do you like best and why? For me, its the Decieved Trailer. I liked that the Sith decided to go to the Jedi, instead of just hidding and waiting to take them out one-by-one. You can tell this generation of Sith are different. Not to mention shows of sometimes the Jedi's patience's isn't always good. The Hope Trailer just didn't impress me enough. The troopers looked too much like clones and the Sith Empire resemble the Galactic Empire too much.
  3. I thought the delevopers wanted to go beyond what they did with the Kotor games. From the look of the masks, its like their trying to bring back some of the original games. I don't get why the troopers have to look like the clones from the prequels. And when I first was watching it, the Sith dude, looked almost identical to th Sith leader in the Decieved trailer. Twins? I presume? (oh jeez, lets not go down the clone angle again. *hits head on table*) -Lets get a little more creativity here, developers.
  4. I agree with you there. I'd like be able to fight like Bounty Hunters(Like when you faced Boba Feet in TFU:USE. Although, make them a bit more challenging. Or even maybe warrior type characters. The felucians had shields and defences against the lightsaber. They could easily come up with a good character like for example: General Grievous. Yeah, I really hope she returns. She was one of my favorite characters from the first game. They should of had her more in the plot. Maybe even held Starkiller take on the Death Star. (That would have been an interesting alternate ending. Starkiller defeats Vader, Maris finishes him off, while Starkiller takes on the Emperor). I'd like to see Starkiller enter the cave, but have a twist. He realizes the dark side in the cave can play tricks on him, but instead of a hallucination of himself its really a clone, hunting him down.
  5. I made a post like this at another forum. I found it interesting to hear everyone's stories on how they got their username Mine is because I love Science Fiction(althought the irony is I'm very picking at what scifi, I watch or read ) I've spent most of my time with computers and electronics and aside from the fact that they hate me, I'm pretty useful and helpful in various computer and internet departments. And originally I was going to have the number 21, but it was already taken, but the year I was 17 was a good year for me, so chose that instead. Anyway...
  6. I think it makes the game more complicated. One thing that annoyed me about the multi-customes and gender choice in the Kotor games, is that there was already a set cannon. So, then, what's the point. They shouldn't do a cannon version and then give the gamers a multible choice. It's like a slap in the face by the developers, it can be any gender/style/look but we already have it set in stone. It's better that the developers of TFU avoided that. The change in character appearance isn't as bad as gender change. It actually has a whole new way and point of view of expressing the game. Not to mention that it causes a lot of controversy and even confusing between fans. Even the non-canon fans are upset at the developers for deciding cannon in multi-change games. Idk, just my opinion and what I've noticed over the years.
  7. That's really annoying. And it was a great level. For me, I like both Felucia levels, especially the Imperial where you can to face the bull rancor
  8. Everytime I play this game, it always starts on the level with Starkiller and the Tie Factory. Is there a way to re-play the first level with Darth Vader on Kashyyyk. And if so, do I need to enter a code or is there a way for me to access by points or completing all levels-bonus objectives and all?
  9. I think you are mistaken. Once I played the game through once, I can choose any level by going to options and mission select.
  10. Yeah, I agree with you there. One-of the few things-that bothers me about the storyline, is the rebel alliance is born just prior to the events of Episode 4 and I just don't buy that. I would say the rebel started maybe a few years after Episode 3.
  11. Starkillers cloak and hood from the Death Star level. I wish I could have a costume like that
  12. I've spent too much time collecting DVD's to change now
  13. USA - west coast - up in the mountains. never lived anywhere else...
  14. Exactly what I was thinking. (those lego games are so fun I think it would be interesting to see/play the duel from episode 1, geneosis area battle and destruction of the Jedi Temple(we got to play that in the Revenge of the Sith game, but TUF style would be pretty intense, not to mention destruction
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