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  1. Though TSL managed to avoid it in certain places, the morality in KOTOR is very simple, at least for most of the quests. The main reason that you get DS point for killing the targets, is because they are sentient beings that made no threats against you, or mostly even against others, but here you are coming to kill them, for a reward.

    Tell me about it, especially since I ended up finishing the Sunry quest right before starting that, it seems overly simplistic.


    Of course, I have a rather "cowboy" sense of law and order which might be my problem. Still, if you try to talk them into surrendering, you really shouldn't get DS points. Besides, killing for money and trying to track down dangerous sentients (while being paid for it) are totally different things. ;P

  2. I was wondering about that. When I first saw this sub-quest, I thought it would kind of be like the Morag Tong in Morrowind. I mean, seriously, why would someone get a huge amount of DS points when they kill a terrorist or fail to get a slaver to come peacefully.


    Just seems kind of odd to me.

  3. That is awesome! The physical design is great: sexy while still fitting the setting of the game. Kudos! What did you make that in, Maya?


    The only thing I might change is the color but I could probably do that myself. Not too intense like the Star Forge robes. I'm a light side player (yeah, so I'm a goody-goody) but even I thought that was a bit bright. Maybe show a bit more skin too.


    But yeah, that's really nice. <3


    Random afterthought: Since you asked if there was stuff I would change, I do like the hip-belt thingys on the original set of Revan's robes. Of course, I'm a girl so I guess I would like accessories. ^_^;;

  4. So call me picky but most of the outfits int KOTOR don't really do anything for me. I'm confident enough in my modding skills but, to be honest, I probably couldn't model/texture a nice robe from scratch to save my life.


    I guess I'm spoiled from Hentai's armors for Oblivion (which are very easy on the eyes) but, if I were as powerful as Revan, I'd like to look good while conquering/saving the galaxy. I'm kind of thinking along the lines of a more sexy/streamlined version of Darth Revan's robes.


    If anyone has idea on how/where to start or wants to help, I'm all ears.


  5. Yeah, I wish I were more confident in my modeling and modding skills. I'd probably change more than a few things.


    Like, if I were to ever do a big mod, I'd probably change the Ebon Hawk's interior. Don't get me wrong, it's an awesome ship but it's kind of spartan for the main ship of a huge crime lord. Heck, I'd half expect a jacuzzi and bar!


    Of course, I'm mostly going off of what real crime lords like to live like. Most of them would probably armor and arm the thing a million times more too.

  6. OK, that certainly sounds doable. Thanks a ton for the info. :)


    KOTOR Tool makes me so nervous. It seems like it's so easy to accidentally break the game which is temperamental enough without me adding to it. :p


    Looking at this... Is there a way to add a new container? Like a map editor?

  7. Ah, that clears things up a bit, thanks.


    My main current peev is that I'm trying to figure out how to add the items to a container so I don't need the stupid console (because it's kind of annoying to be branded a cheater just because I'm using a mod-made item). Other mod tools I've used are a bit more straightforward but, from what I've seen, it seems like the only way to do something like that is via scripting. Is that true or is there something more convenient?

  8. Hey all, I'm Illy. My boyfriend just got me hooked on KOTOR (curse him, like I'm not addicted to enough games :xp: I'm also a mod addict and, while I'm not new to modding (though I've mostly done Oblivion and Morrowind mods) the Kotor Tool has pretty well confounded me on all but the basics.


    I've seen a bunch of tutorials but what I'm really looking for (besides a way to add items to preexisting containers) is some kind of glossary for the terms that the tool uses and what they alter since some of them aren't very obvious.


    Thanks in advance for the help! <3

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