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  1. Ohhh...guess I clicked the wrong option at the beginning then. Whoopsie.
  2. I just got through playing the lightside and decided to play again on dark side. During my playthrough and other play throughs that I've seen on youtube and other sites, Grenn (the TSF guy) has always had a conversation with Carth. On this play through, however, he's talking to Admiral Cede instead. Does this happen only if you play dark side or is it random or has this even happened to anyone else?
  3. Personally, I prefer real women. But if I had to pick one of them, I'd probably choose Mira. If you really get on her bad side, she'll shoot you in the face and she's not afraid to tell you that. And I like honesty.
  4. Was Jango Fett ever Mandalore? If I remember correctly, during Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, it was mentioned that Jaster Mereel wanted Jango to be Mandalore, but he never accepted the position.
  5. G-Man or Bigfoot? YOU DECIDE! But seriously, it's probably a shadow. I've seen things like that happen in other games where the game would draw my shadow under me on what I was standing on, then draw it again on another surface under that. Perhaps if there was a no clip code we could go down and find out for certain.
  6. Well, after looking through things in KSE, I noticed a "Dark Jedi Lightsaber" in the items list (for Kotor2). Perhaps it is similar to that?
  7. Sounds like you need to do the Dantooine lag fix. Follow step 8 of the second post of this thread: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=194324
  8. I went to check it again and the option is there now. Strange. I think the kotor gods are messing with me or something. Does it matter which XP Service Pack I use? It gives me 2 or 3. I know in the thread it says use 2, but 3 wasn't available when I was on Vista. Also, is there a secondary place to download the mss32.dll file? Filefront keeps giving me an error whenever I try to get it.
  9. Hey, who's tired of hearing from me yet? Everyone? I thought so... Anyway, my old computer just fried itself not too long ago so I went and bought a new one today with Windows 7. I'm going through the Order of Installation thread but when it comes time for me to change the compatibility mode settings, the option simply isn't there. Do I need to do something else to change it or is that option completely gone from Windows 7? Or do I even need to do it with this OS? EDIT: Something else I just noticed, my screen is 1366 x 768. If I try to set the game to run at 1280 x 768, is it going to cause problems?
  10. If you followed the install instructions and are running it in compatibility mode for Windows XP, it'll come up with your OS as Windows XP. Mine did that and I have Vista too.
  11. Then it's gotta be something with vertex buffer objects. I have the disable line in the right place, but maybe something isn't detecting it? I am completely stumped on this. At least I found, through my meddling with settings, that the Darth Nihilous model actually has eyes, so that's interesting I guess.
  12. Is there something different about the Jedi Enclave, some kind of effect or something, that could be causing this problem? I've even talked to people at Microsoft trying to figure this out and they couldn't find a solution. This is very, very frustrating...
  13. I had this problem too and there was only one thing that I found that fixed it. The first post of this thread on the Obsidian Entertainment forums has a section about Intel chipsets. I tried it and it cleared up the problem easily.
  14. What do you define as "cartoon graphics"? To me, "cartoon graphics" is The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, which was a surprising success. So if they can pull of "cartoon graphics" to make a good game, why not do so?
  15. Your RAM is barely scraping past the minimum requirements. I'd suggest upgrading that to 512MB (or higher if possible). Not only would it help KotOR run faster, but anything else you run as well. As for downloading things from here, as long as it's in a post made by a mod or it's part of one of the fixes in the stickies, I'd say there's a 99.99% chance that it's safe, so don't worry about downloading it. I've downloaded probably 9/10 of it myself trying to get KotOR to work and nothing's happened to my system yet.
  16. If that's what they did, then it's nothing new. There's an MMO called Fiesta and their Warrior class can either be a DD or a Tank. If you choose DD, then you don't have the stats to be any good at Tanking. If you choose a Tank, then you don't have the stats to do a decent amount of damage. You could do half and half, but you'd be a mediocre Tank and a mediocre DD and generally unwanted in a group.
  17. I won't be playing it because it is an MMO. Now, I don't have anything against MMOs, I have something against buying a game for $30 then having to pay for the game all over again every month. That's why I will NEVER in my life play WoW. If they decide to have it free every month, I will definitely pick it up. If it's a low cost, like Runescape, then I'll consider it. I have bills to pay so I just can't afford to buy a game over and over again every month.
  18. Oh my...I can't believe I actually missed this... I updated my graphics card drivers. *facepalm* It seems to be running alright now. EDIT: Whoops, spoke too soon. Now I'm getting the "Stopped Responding" error whenever I try to go toward the Jedi Enclave grounds. There's two ways to get there (from looking at the map), the left of Khoonda and the right of Khoonda. The left path crashes right after the load screen and the right path crashes right as I turn the corner near where the mercs(?) seem to be having a cook out. This is running with the Vista fixes, as many as I could do as previously stated. EDIT2: Does this mean anything to anyone? It's the info that is provided to me through Windows Problem Reports and Solutions about the crash: Problem signature Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: swkotor2.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 41eddf8f Fault Module Name: StackHash_26bc Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000 Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 00000000 OS Version: 6.0.6000. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: 26bc Additional Information 2: 96e151012488b7cfaa75eebd9cc4aa17 Additional Information 3: 25b0 Additional Information 4: ec12fd2c04c6c344ea1e352226030a33 Extra information about the problem Bucket ID: 1155830479
  19. Of course there won't be time travel. Remember, this is a long time ago, before the Flux Capacitor was invented. Perhaps, the "Force Walking" is a reference to the Aang-tii, the creators of flow walking?
  20. I thought about the whole Jedi vs Sith, good vs evil thing and I realized something. Both the Jedi and the Sith are a different means to the same end. As Palpatine remarked in Episode III, "The Jedi want power and they want to keep it." Both groups want the galaxy to work the way they envision it to work. The Jedi piggyback themselves on the Republic, as guardians, mediators, and counselors, subtly manipulating, not necessarily events themselves, but people and groups towards causing the events they want to take place. The Sith attempt to take the galaxy by force, intervening directly with the galaxy as they see fit. For all we know, there weren't Jedi and Sith in the beginning, just a planet of "Force Users" and one leader disagreed with another leader in how they should take control and thus created the Jedi and Sith factions. I think that at some point Kreia, and maybe Jolee, realized this at some point and decided to stop thinking along the lines of Jedi and Sith and "view them as they are, pieces of a whole." Personally, I think that is what both KotOR games are trying to show us. Yes, there is a Light Side and a Dark Side, but there is more to it than just that. Like...there is an entire forest, not just two trees.
  21. I'll probably play a human female, as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Yes, I'm a guy. I just prefer to stare at a girl's butt all day rather than a guy's.
  22. I liked the deceived trailer better. You have to admit, Jedi vs Sith with lightsabers flying every which way is just plain awesome. It's also my opinion that the double bladed lightsaber is extremely over done, and especially Jedi using a double bladed lightsaber just doesn't sit right with me. In the Episode I Visual Dictionary, it was commented that Darth Maul's lightsaber was a complicated weapon to use, often causing more damage to the wielder than to the attacker. A complicated weapon that half the galaxy can use takes the fun out of it.
  23. I don't have a multi-core processor or an ATI graphics card so those steps I just couldn't do. And the .exe switch didn't work whether I was doing it forward, backward, or sideways.
  24. I have to agree that the double bladed lightsaber thing has gotten way out of hand. They saw Darth Maul had one and suddenly half the Sith and Jedi had to have one. Personally, I prefer the single blade, single hilt style. I didn't even like dual blasters in KotOR (like they were trying to pull a Matrix or something). As for the classes, what perked my curiosity was the class role flexibility. Usually in an MMO I will be a lone wolf and join groups only occasionally, so this flexibility suited my play style. Losing that uniqueness may break the game for me, to be honest. It would also make the game stand out less from other MMOs besides the fact that it's Star Wars. Not to mention class specific roles in a party leads to a lot of drama and a lot of finger pointing and a lot of "why can't X class do their job" rants. Races aren't really a big deal for me. It would be nice if each race has their own race-specific skills, such as a certain race is more resistant to Force effects, but I really don't mind if a Rodian and a Twi'lek wants to party together.
  25. The idea of having it as an MMO has its pros and cons. Pros: -Two heads are better than one. You can team up with other people to solve puzzles and complete quests, so you have help in case you get stuck and can't figure out what to do or where to go next. -Interaction with real people, rather than just NPCs. I find it is more enjoyable talking to people about, say, how the Mets are doing rather than the static, pre-programed dialog of an NPC. -Clans, guilds, factions, and, hopefully, wars between them. This is an incredibly fun part of MMO gaming that they would be foolish not to include. -Better items. As you go along, you may miss an item that you want or, as is the case with KotOR, the item was just not there. You can look for someone that did get the item you wanted and you can buy/trade the other person for it. -Honestly, we haven't had a real good online Star Wars game since Jedi Knight. Cons: -Monthly fee. I haven't read any confirmation on it, but it's pretty much a given that there will be one. And no one likes monthly fees nor can everyone afford it. -If there is no monthly fee, then there is guaranteed to be a "Cash Shop" which in turn comes down to people with money dominating the game. Just that little fact has ruined so many MMOs for me and others as well. -It is pretty much required to have above recommended system specs to deal with both the game and the Internet connection. So if you don't have the money for a high end computer, you're usually Sith outta luck. -Interaction with real people. For every kind and fair person, there will be two that are greedy "elites" who will do everything they can to have all the best gear and all the money on the server, even if it means cheating others out of what they have earned and deserved. -Drop stealers and KSers. If you've played an MMO before then you know what they are and you know that they technically aren't doing anything wrong and so they will continue doing it. -Too many people. I've played at least a dozen MMOs before and whenever there are a lot of people in one place, there is more lag than there is junk on Ord Mantell. Granted, a large group of people usually equals a better chance of finding people with the skill sets you need, the unplayability makes it not worth it. -Servers need maintenance. This means that there is time that you just can't play. And if something happens and the server is taken down, the game becomes worthless. -Bots. The bane of most MMOs. There will be people who set up bots to play their characters for them. There will be people who set up automated characters that advertise free items if you give them your account information. There will be many that are caught and banned, but there will be just as many that will elude capture. Now, there seem to be more cons than pros here, but that does not mean I am opposed to having an MMO. If I can run the game without the trouble that KotOR2 is presenting me at the moment, and there is no monthly fee, I will most likely pick it up and see you all in-game.
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