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  1. Hey, I purchased Battlefront 2 from Steam just earlier today. Since then, I have been constantly trying to play multiplayer, but it doesn't let me. I've disabled fire wall, disabled antivirus, ended background processes, and everything. I can't find the problem. Here's what happens. I start BF2 - Takes about a minute to load into the main screen. I then click multiplayer, sign in to gamespy, and now I click and join a server. Now, it takes yet another minute to load, then it gets to the loading page which only takes like 10 seconds. Now it shows the map and a popup saying something like, "Host Connection Lost" or very similar. I can't find any answers from the internet to this or anything, which is why I came here. Please help as I am so busy with a few things and need to get this over with. Thanks a lot, Travis EDIT: Also, my PC is a Dell E310. I have not upgraded or changed one thing since I bought it. http://compreviews.about.com/od/budgetdesk/gr/DimensionE310.htm Also I am running Windows XP S3.
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