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  1. Wow, that robe looks cool Seikan, I wonder how you did that model though, Cuz I don't understand Gmax...
  2. Haha, Well We look forward to your future mods then Illy-chan
  3. Heh, It's a great idea though I don't really like their helmet but the armour's are cool especially the ones who looks abit like plate and got one left shoulder.
  4. Hey, I was wondering if anyone out there could make Malgus, the Sith lord who appears in the SWTOR. For SWKOTOR 1 Basically I need it for a project I'm going to do, I haven't announced it yet since I'm still figuring out the plotline/Characters etc. OBS: Pictures are large. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Pictures are in Spoiler. Though I want him without mask, but it's not required. Yes, I know he looks abit like Malak and if someone's good on texturing you could retexture malak and his armour etc. I was also wondering if it exists Armored Robes for KOtor I?
  5. Hey, Err.. When I Fix it, the head turns up INvisible

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