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  1. I'm wondering if the CD audio music to the FM towns version of loom is different in any way to the 1992 Talkie CD one released for PC? Or did they just use the same music for both? Or does the PC version use a different still CDA music?
  2. Really good, i've got a couple of suggestions though, the year box near the bottom of the spine, maybe you could keep that the same for all of them (i.e. all in the style youve used for Maniac Mansion, Zak and MI2), so they all look nice when aligned together on the shelf? also maybe try adjusting the game titles on the spine (Maniac Mansion, MI1, MI2 and indy so they're all the same size, have the same size border and are all in the exact position, some are a couple of pixels out and it looks a little jarring. Other than that, fantastic
  3. does this include a physical release as well? Because I've always wanted physical copies of the seasons (they look nice on my shelf lol) and if they're all going for $40 that would be a good deal.
  4. I agree, its like they're trying to make Lechuck into a comical sort of villain now, which really doesnt suit him. Now, Steve Purcell's drawing of him for the MI2 cover really makes him look evil, which suits him.
  5. Any updates anyone? This does sound like a really cool idea.
  6. I have a MT-32, which we could use to make MT-32 MIDIs, for the true 'old-school' feel. Plus if you get it to work natively in DOS, that would be great!
  7. is there anyone who can do a spine view of say the TMI treasure chest along side an original lucasarts box?
  8. try: http://www.soundtracks.mixnmojo.com for MI1, 2 3 + 4, MI1 and MI2 are played from an MT-32 Synth and recorded (with some re-mixing of the sound-levels) onto MP3s. The composers composed the music for those two (and other MIDI SCUMM games) using an MT-32, so it's as the composer envisioned the music, not replayed using crappy windows midi emulation, which really distorts and ruins the sound in my opinion. OR you can try: http://www.s-island.mixnmojo.com They have the original MT-32 Music without any re-mixing as OGG files, which you can play using VLC media player. (All they did in the first site I listed was change a few sounds, and add some reverb really). Basically, if you want the Vanilla music, as oringally ripped from the original game, in best quality, go to the second one, otherwise if you don't mind them being a little 'remastered (slightly different sounds, different mixing) go to the first link)
  9. Hi, as with all my other lucasarts games i've got them playing on a Real DOS PC with a 600mhz pentium 3, (so i can also play some later DOS games too), MI1 and MI2 have had a problem of giving me the "integer divide by zero" error whenever I chose adlib sound (which works fine on my pc), so i downloaded the 486 patch (which comes as an installer) for both, to fix this, which they did, played with adlib sound fine. Now i have the same problem (i THINK) with the 256 colour version of Indiana Jones and the last crusade, although the only error text i get is just "divide error", so I downloaded the 486 patch for that game off of the lucasarts support site, and its just the game exe, despite lucasarts giving instructions on how to install the patch (same as with MI1 and MI2), however as this is an actual game exe, those instructions dont work, Anyway i overwrit the original and it still gave me the error, sooo, am I right in thinking lucasarts have just posted the unpatched exe as a download, rather than a patched installer program, like their description suggests?
  10. Awesome! was it done on an MT-32? Even so we should do an mt-32 HQ version like the original scumm games had, just to satisfy the guys who have paid good money for one.
  11. Purcell's original cover picture of gybrush on the MI2 cover was how I imagined him. They should have made him like that. Anyway I will never get the special editions, I think half the point in those days was that you used your imagination to fill in the gaps, technology wise (like the voice acting for example). Which suits me fine.
  12. OK, what about the PC VGA Version of the last crusade?
  13. Hi guys, did the enhanced (VGA) version of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade adventure game (or even the EGA version) have MT-32 music, like Monkey Island, and all the rest?, i.e. so if you played it through an MT-32 it would sound better than the sound-blaster sounds? Also if that is the case, can someone post a comparison between that and the FM-Towns music? or was the FM-TOWNS music just the MT-32 music recorded as CD-Audio, like in the Monkey Island 1 CD-ROM re-issues?
  14. I wonder if its possible to convert the FM-TOWNS 256-colour version of Zak Mcracken (along with the music) to run on a pure dos machine, sort of like what they did with the MI1 CD-ROM re-issue (with the 'proper' music as CD-Audio tracks). Any ideas? and before you post, yes I know i can do it on a modern PC using scummvm, but it would be interesting to see if it can be done properly, and have it run in a pure dos environment. I don't see why not, if they could do it with Monkey Island 1 at the time.
  15. OK i've got my internal speaker, connected it up and I have sound, thanks guys.
  16. I'd like zak mckracken, but really the point of the special editions isnt to alter the plot or "give it a better ending because the original one was crap" or stuff like that, just make it look nicer, with voices if neccesary".
  17. I do want to know the secret, hopefully if they decide to make a final ever game, and I want it to be a proper OMG secreat, not a jokey "we're taking the piss, thats not the actual secret" like it was in EMI. (Which was fine, Its just it would be nice to have a real answer too)
  18. I think it is, well ive just bought an internal speaker off ebay so ill see how it goes. Also the monitor i use is CRT, 12" 640x480 native res (tho it can do 800x600 at a push) so minimises pixelation.
  19. So guys, I have an original copy of maniac mansion (enhanced PC version), and it works fine, but i get no sound when i play it in real DOS (on an old pc with an AWE64 Gold ISA soundcard, correctly initialised with the correct MIDI soundfont), despite the fact that MI1, MI2 and fate, and full throttle, work with the midi sounds, so i know its not a problem with that. however when playing the game on my modern PC in SCUMMVM, i get sound, why is that? surely on my DOS pc i should get *something*, is it because the sounds/music are not midi but only from the internal speaker? that would make sense i think as my motherboard doesnt have one. P.S. if all your going to post is "why are u using real dos, just emulate it" don't bother. this is a project of mine. Basically, is there proper midi music for maniac mansion, or was the sounds only provided through the internal PC speaker?
  20. Yeah i'll get used to the TMI ones hopefully. The demo seemed to pick up in terms of quality once we'd left the ship and got into the daylight.
  21. Oh don't worry I have them all boxed, But i was playing the TMI demo and the keyboard controls were wierd, i mean i'm sure ill get used to them, but after ages of playing grim and EMI, the TMI controls seem awkward to use.
  22. Is anti-aliasing missing from the demo, because its not like my 512MB Nvidia Geforce 9600GSO Can't do antialiasing, but i don't find it in the options. Thank you. I've also just found out that apparently the game was done at a native resolution of 640x480, according to the EMI replacement launcher, which does seem odd for a game made in 2000, oh well, I do think that the characters could have had some better anti-aliasing, although from playing it now, i did find it funny. EDIT: Just played TMI and the keyboard controls are worse than EMI in my opinion.
  23. http://timo-koellner.de/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/escape-monkey-island-2.jpg and http://www.consolegames.ro/forum/attachments/f7-news/34332d1253291992-data-de-lansare-pentru-tales-monkey-island-lair-leviathan-secretmonkeyisland_profilelarge.jpg look the same to me. Their both good. Why don't you give me a comparison, so i can see where you're coming from, that might help. Also this is a screengrab i just took of the demo, Max graphics settings (9) at a resolution of 1280x800, the graphics are awful, practically every single line is jagged. Same screengrab again, but with the graphics turned all the way down to (1), I actually think this looks better.
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