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  1. "Officially, there never was a 'clone rebellion' on Kamino. UNOFFICIALLY, approximately 20 years after we were created, a special detachment of the Imperial 501st Legion was dispatched to Kamino, with orders to eradicate an army of clones that had been bred to take arms against the Empire. Our mission commander, an expert on the inner workings of Kamino, was a young bounty hunter named... Boba Fett." This was a cool mission because it was rather short. Plus even if Fett got killed, you could immediately use him again!
  2. Definitely the trooper class; they are the main attack force on the battlefield. Plus, I like dishing out some serious kills using the Rebel Trooper/ Stormtrooper.
  3. It's brilliant! (imitates Patrick Star) oh, but I see one big flaw in your plan. What about defending Echo Base? After all, I seem to notice that as best as you defend the rest of the CPs somehow a lone imperial ALWAYS makes it to Echo Base and then captures it along with the Control CP. Nah, better strategy; Fly in the Snowspeeder for the whole battle as a pilot and take down the AT-ATs as well as the trooper units because they fall quickly to cannon fire. I know, it's predictable but it still works for me. Besides, even IF Echo Base gets captured (you can't respawn Snowspeeders) it'll be a moot point since you are already in one. And also, as long as you take down the AT-ATs then strangely enough, the AI will still win even without you defending your CPs and helping them out down there. (True story; did it countless times in story and IA mode) Plus, those turrets take longer to kill the walkers. (Except in the sequel where the dish turrets are severely damaging to all enemies; infanry OR vehicle!) Yeah, defending Echo Base ALWAYS takes point because it provides snowspeeders. Plus, it also lets you control the Control CP easier because you have forces coming from BOTH sides.
  4. Hi everybody, my name is Rogue Leader 2010 and I am new to this website! I definitely hope to start getting in some good threads with you all!
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