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  1. Any fan of Twisted Sister can't be all bad.


    Rock on, you SMF! ;)

  2. We've been through this before and here we go again... Lucasarts "never" listens to any fan requests... All losses incurred till now have not effectively pierced their thick skulls... Although it doesn't hurt to dream... ;-)
  3. Apparently, there might be a patch coming for PC... I suggest you wait for it.. BTW: 1)what's your graphic card make??? 2)Latest drivers?? 3)Have you overclocked it??? 4)It's been about 2-3 months since the game launched... Is this the first time you're playing it? If not how was it earlier? 5)When the textures disappear, have you tried alt-tab out and back to the game again? 6)Finally you're positive it appears only after the "run like hell" scene? Try playing thru other levels and check if this issue pops up there as well.. Get back and we'll try to help you with what info we have.
  4. The dude's Jamyzgenius... He's done some texmod stuff for TFU 1 as well... BTW belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone...
  5. Welcome to the world of force unleashed.. "A game for a more civilized era" As you read through you'll find yourself many questions about the game that don't quite explain things... DOn't waste your time on it... It's just lazy unchecked development...
  6. Don't write stuff like this... LA will use it in the game and won't give you credit... Stupid Julio torres will end up taking all the limelight.
  7. It won't come out for PC will it??? ****ing bunch of douchebags... Please excuse my language, But i've just about had it with this billion dollar greedy corporation
  8. Nah... Everyone figured Lucasarts is pretty much capable of pulling a ****ty stunt like that... Hah... Some dude here once said earlier that on TFU 3 Starkiller would hold two lightsabers and a third one in his mouth... Laughed my way to glory.
  9. I'm really happy for the fact that you finally see light... I too had my moments where i hated the game, then would re-install it thinking "let me see this from a different perspective". Gave it 3 chances till date but the flaws came screaming back in my face. I strongly agree with the last para... IT doesn't need to be a double bladed lightsaber... Instead let's have a single saber for more heavier stylish attacks and also the ability to switch to dual for faster attacks.. .JUst like ninja gaiden where we had the single sword and also the nun chaku...
  10. DMM was not not at all present in this game or just lacks complexity... Want proof??? Do a glass breaking comparison between the first 2 games... YOu'll notice the first one has more complexity where the glass literally "shatters" Where as in the second title, instead of fragmentation you get some weird outlined pieces that look like it was rendered using the Jedi Outcast engine... (quake3). DMM does affect the gameplay... Like i said earlier hayden and the rest of the team used this to generate loads of hype around the release of the game... This obviously means that DMM and euphoria are both integral parts of the game....
  11. I loved that level... Replayed it countless times... Sneaking up behind some one and then force choking them or slicing their head off was amazing... Till date JO's been the only game that made me feel like a real jedi from the movies...
  12. Wow.... THe trailer made me not want the dlc.... Starkiller looks so laughable... THe costume and his face, all of it... The sith face texture is hilarious... Looks more like a black panther now.. Kotor's dark side transitions look wayyyy better than this...
  13. You don't seem to be getting my point so, screw it... As far as my "rants" concerned i was merely sharing my points with sordid... If you felt you didn't like it, you shouldn't have bought yourself into the conversation anyway.
  14. Woah woah woah... now you're just fine - lining everything... It doesn't take much to understand that it's a rip - off... why do you insist on giving me proverbs??? As far as proverbs are concerned, it's just a verbal manifestation of a "certain" individual's experience, which felt applicable to people who cannot take decisions on their own... That being said it doesn't necessarily have to be the same for me as well... "A stitch in time saves nine can be contradicted" with "Think before you leap" which is why proverbs don't work on me... As for a stealth star wars game, i've been dreaming about this sort of game for quite some time... Infact it is quite possible, given the scene in ep3 where the clone after receiving the "order 66" move in to kill yoda... At that moment you see yoda stressing a bit to switch on the lightsaber, but there's no ignition sound... Would be perfect for stealth kills...
  15. What really ticked me off was the gorog scene where starkiller deals the final blow... I mentioned this in one my earlier posts... Its an exact ditto version of the wolverine dealing the final blow to an experimental mark 1 sentinel(see x-men origins wolverine) Watch this:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hfyp58CjBKM ... You see??? I mean people who support this game blindly just decided to look past this... Gamespot which is known for its blunt reviews actually overlooked this... Not to the mention the doors with the detachable cells on the salvation... that too was copied... I actually remember hayden in an interview(about 4 or 3 years ago before the release of TFU 1) talking about how kota is this samurai style jedi and how he doesn't give a damn about lightside, darkside etc etc... yes he actually mentioned that... All i saw was kota preaching like a saint about the lightside in both games... I agree with sordid here... It was complete laziness on the developers part... guess hayden was smoking pure afghan for the last two years... although that should've given him some ideas It's good to see everyone voicing their dislikes aloud here...
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