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  1. STARKILLER was thrown into space after being stabbed, qui gon was just stabbed... Read my post properly
  2. tfu 2 with the two back handed lightsabers looks really really dumb... this is why i always stress the point... LA never thinks outside the box....
  3. Dude i'm talkin about the stabbing incident just before he gets chucked into space, isn't that the way qui gon was killed?
  4. Dude, whats the matter with you???? Vader and the emperor both plotted the events of force unleashed 1... Remember "You must be relentless lord vader, If even a single rebel survives, this alliance WE have unwittingly created will be our undoing" I don't wanna waste bandwidth explaining the second part to you.
  5. All right, no one seems interested... Mods... you may proceed with lockdown...
  6. Hmm... i think the obvious has been overlooked... In the novel it says tin the end that starkiller's spirit dissipates into space. Well what happened to the emperor??? IT was said that after the events of episode 6, his spirit travelled to byss and entered one of the clones there. Well this is what might've happened.
  7. c'mon... qui gon was killed through the same scenario. But i'm not saying i'm right... Just an assumption.
  8. a small request, please comment on the lightning crystal part as well... Well, it looks like they're pretty much staying with the core force powers... But i do hope this happens. When force fury is activated we can maybe lift up a group of storm troopers and torture them with lightning like in the pre-vis video...
  9. Well, for one i discovered that if you do a repulse with the force fury activated... You be treated to the "all storm troopers get vaporized in the betrayal cinematic" But force fury??? c'mon.. atleast think outside the box. Force fury esque powers have been seen in devil may cry and god of war... although i do like the idea of crushing an at-st one shot rather than quicktime events.
  10. lolll... Well said and they better be prepared... Haden Blackman's nose is getting bigger compared to TFU 1's interviews... He better not be lying. I would have preferred them making the force lightning look a lot like the "pre-vis" video instead of adding jedi mind trick... Its completely pointless... When i first read about this game, what hit me in my mind was, at last a jedi simulator has finally arrived.. Man the force duels in the game should have been two - handed as well...
  11. It really doesn't matter how they do it as long as the ability is there.... Thats all i'm asking for... A lightsaber not cutting limbs was "pretty dumb" in the first game as well...
  12. eureka... i figured it out...(maybe) Galen actually died in TFU 1 after killing shaak ti... when vader stabs him. His body is merely salvaged from outer space for his genetic code. A succesfull clone is made for the second half of the game... Which gave vader time to prepare the army of starkiller's we saw in kamino. Of course LA is known for pulling off such stunts.
  13. Also i would love to have the other color's as well, But please not that god awful black lightning nonsense like the black saber... and once more everyone please go through this thread and anyone in favour please post, this is a feature i would love to see.
  14. Good day everyone... My first thread and first post here at LF... I've been a die hard star wars fan for about 10 years now and just like each and everyone of you out here i'am anxiously anticipating the release of TFU 2. As the topic states, i would love to see a "lightning crystals" feature in this game where we'll be able to change the color just like your saber blades... All in favour say "aye" and hopefully LA might check this out and add this feature. Greets from India, Weather's bad and have to report back to college in about 10 days.
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