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  1. There is already a mod for this its an armband called call of aid. there are versions for kotor 1 and 2. http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com It is on the webbsite, just search for it.
  2. there is a mod on http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/ that gives Atton his own sith assasin armour. [its everything but the helmet] If you could edit this armour so all party members could use it, would that satisfy your desires?
  3. maybe, you could edit the dialog files for canderous of jolee to have some of carth's dialogue? And in my knowledge there is already a mod released for a female Revan/Bastila romance
  4. I am not sure able the helmets but there is definately a mod that puts republic armour, tsf armour and tsd armour ingame [with their own custom icons]. the mod is on : http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/ they are good quality, I plan on using them in my mandalorian wars mod, though I must ask the author. EDIT 1 http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/Republic_Helmet;91510 this is a republic helmet for kotor 1, if its any help to you
  5. I made a tutorial on how to link cutsom dialog to modules http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?p=2740398#post2740398
  6. well, if the mandalore armour isnt able to be created easily, could someone not make a copy of say : N_Mandalorian01 - Blue and rename it N_Mandalorian04 - Green and reskin it so its green?(agian i reiterate my point, no jungle/urban camo's) i will accept any colour oh, i just saw that and yes, I would like this for TSL and yes I think a jedi robe reskin would be a good idea
  7. would anyone be able to recreate the armour used by mandalore the ultimate during the mandalorian wars. im trying to make a mandalorian wars mod for kotor tsl, and this armour would be of great use to me. also would anyone be able to create a simple reskin of the mandalorian neo-crusader armour that turns it green or silver or purple, any colour, Im not going to be picky, but im not asking for a jungle camo etc, just a simple reskin.
  8. it seems to be working, great!
  9. thanks guys, i appreciate the help. il see if it works tommorow when i get home
  10. i have win 7 ultimate edition, would this be a problem? EDIT 1: the 1st link you sent me wouldnt load, and i dont have vista, so i cant really use that can i? EDIT 2: sorry i didnt see the windows 7 help on the second link, try to see if it will work.
  11. when im leavin peragus i get on my ship. atton tells me to get on the turret. i shoot lots of sith. i fight the ones that get aboard. then, the screen goes black i still sounds lyk im on the turret and i can do all the things i could on it expect seeing! also the only way i can get out of the game is task manager as when i press esc it comes up paused game. WTF!? do i do?!
  12. ok, il try, il have feedback in a few days
  13. i didnt warp or mod my saves until i couldnt get off telos! and the only mod i used the 1st time, (which didnt work) was skip telos
  14. yes, but this still doesnt fix my problem. if i ever want to play the game in the future i know i would want to play it throughout.
  15. actually for 1 game i only used skip peragus, cuz i hate it. and went throught telos and it didnt work. for the second i used skip telos cuz i couldnt be bothered doin it again ad it didnt work? does any1 have any good advice on wat to do now? cud i mod my game using kse into thinking i have left telos and have handmaiden in my party?
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