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  1. See. I think this version looks awful.
  2. That was a Scumm component and present in the original. Not sure that it would have hurt the remake? <Not a SCUMM expert either.
  3. The Secret of Monkey Island is that it's a game.
  4. The speed/timing puzzles are the worst offender. Not sure what Guybrush's "Nice" deal is, I thought it was in the original game like that. Oooh no to allowing all verbs in the inventory. That would be mostly useless.
  5. Is anybody having trouble with the links last night/this morning?
  6. That game was better than Crystal Skulls and Temple of Doom. It's amazing.
  7. Oye but some of us wanted to quick download them all
  8. Major gamer fail on my part. I kept saving over the same save file because it was my second time through and I wasn't thinking.
  9. As I understand it this was another design choice, to make the mardi gras music seem faded the further you were from the party.
  10. I must be the only person who thought this was a purposeful design choice. This is akin to seeing any old person trying to keep up with the music. I mean, just got to a country church or something. See how badly older people keep up in terms of clapping their hands or singing along. That entire scene was in line with stuff I've always seen. Plus the fact that the song itself is not even a song, it's just a disjointed old diddy.
  11. The Guybrush making effects of fishing is present at least in my PC version of the game. It didn't happen the first time when I came back with the fish a long time later, but was present when I showed up at the dock with a fish already present.
  12. I'm super PO'd. I'm at the crypt and the game is frozen. I can access hints or the menu but I can't use any command actions in either old school mode or new mode. It's like when I try to blow through dialogue the game gets cranky.
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