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  1. Since FU2 is still before the original trilogy, the Dark Apprentice could still have done everything Starkiller did in the FU1's "what-if" campaign
  2. It should, we found out about it early when some people found files for it in the PC version
  3. Honestly, I didn't find it all that fun. I wasn't expecting much for a buck, but still... What annoyed me the most was the constant screen-tearing (did anyone else have this problem?) and the lack of Rebel dismemberment. The only part Ireally enjoyed was the fight with Leia. More enjoyable than the Vader fight at the end of the actual game. The cliffhanger ending was a little annoying too. I thought the DLC was going to continue, but it just ends. As long as the next one isn't more expensive I won't mind so much, but I have a feeling it might go back to being 800 MP... What did you think of the Endor DLC?
  4. I keep hearing about getting exclusive challenge mode maps by getting the collector's eddition and by pre-ordering the game from Amazon, but I haven't been able to find any info on what exactly the challenge mode will be. It's probably just going to be a game mode seperate from the story where you have to complete certain objectives, but I was wondering if there was any actual info floating around about it somewhere
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