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  1. Happy Turkey Day!

  2. We're nearing the end . . .


    vote for your favorite voice over style for M4-78 at the M4-78 Social Group.

  3. For my secret-overthrow-basement experiments:


    Just say whatever your first thought is:


    Force-using droids.


    Option A: Yay!

    Option B: Ick!

  4. anytime you want to voyage to erubus together, just send me a message. ;)

  5. The sentence that I wrote well I notice it right after I wrote it but did not have time to fix it. Sorry about that thank you for noticing though. I was really tired when I wrote that really am sorry.

  6. I must say this was very interesting read on one side we have right arguing that he was left. On the other side we have the left arguing that he was right. Now for all that I care about he could be from the right or the left. I believe that he was neither though. My reason well I believe the guy was plain crazy. He just believe that he had to kill this person for some reason which is wrong. Now both of you may argue this over and over but what does that accomplish. I would say nothing would be accomplished except a waste of your time. The thing is that these people were kill by crazy man. The saddest thing is that there was a 9 year old girl that is now died. I do not see any reason for the arguing over this. In this world all people have their faults some bigger than other and the biggest fault is that of taking a life. It is truly sad that people argue over issue like this. There is only one person to blame and that person is who fired the bullets.
  7. Thanks Happy Holidays to you too

  8. Hey Canderis nominated A Dark Peragus for mod of the year

  9. Thanks LDR also happy holidays to you too

  10. Happy holidays JS.

  11. Will you take a look at the plot thread in the overthrow group, please? I need feedback before I continue.

  12. How did the RoR do at moddb.com.

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