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  1. Np. Yeah I still have it to this day. Loved my great grandfather very much. Was my prom pic back when I still had long hair and ****. The bimbo went and got giant fake tits. Yeesh.
  2. I say a lot of random weird ****, ain't nothin changed son. Get your asses in the Facebook Group. Old School MotS. Its slammin, BUNCH of oldschool people in there.
  3. Yodavid, I hope you don't actually believe that drivel you posted about you owning at scouts and being one of the best. It may have been many years since any of us has played, but not long enough for you to make up false stuff and everyone to just believe it to be true because they can't remember. Just sayin.
  4. I just want you all to know, that even though we havn't played a game together in many years, I still own every single one of you. ps quit talking bout me when i'm not here
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