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    i am a guy who has been modding for 2 years now im starting to get good i just started uploading
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    kotor all the way
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    kotor and tsl
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    kotor and tsl
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  1. Whats your opinion on swtor in relation to the kotor games? personally i was disapointed considering it was the least bit similar to kotor in any way or form. Just leave your opinion below
  2. im sorry if this thread is too similar to any of my other xbox threads but i have searched the forums and everywhere else and i still havnt found valid answers. MY question is, can you use actual cheat codes on the xbox versions of kotor? is there any way possible to enable them? perhaps by using a mod chip to access the xbox files. is there any possible way? and cheating includes using warp codes
  3. can you instal kotor mods to the xbox 360? if so how?
  4. the list sounds good the only differences in my list are: Zaalbar: 30 juhani: 22 visas: 29
  5. iv switched to pc, but just a year ago i owned the xbox version and downloaded yavin station on the 360, its worth a try if you havnt. if your interested i could dig up the yavin station files and send em to yah, but that would requir a mod chip
  6. :confused:ok so i just dug out my xbox copy of kotor 2 and iv been trying to figure somthing out and it would be helpful if someone knew. i understand that the m478 modules are in the xbox version and im looking for away to warp there? does anybody know any posssible way to warp on the xbox without the m478 mod id like to make it pure???? is there any way to warp on the xbox version????????????
  7. yess justed busted out the sparkling lemonaid!!!
  8. ok i am asking this question to see if i can get more peoples opinion on my consideration of selling my xbox 360 arcade to get a ps2 slim. my reasoning is i am very fond of older games, most older games are only on xbox and they lag on 360 and ps2 has a more wide variety of xbox and 360 games i also think thier still making ps2 games. thank you id just like an opinion and sorry for my HARD TO READ thread
  9. I will, but I am also going to make them into a mod.

  10. i dont mean to pest ya, but when you sayd you would restore the sleheyron arenas does that mean you will be putting them up for download?

  11. this is a request about sleheyrons existing files. for all of you out there who think these are unable to be restored thats not true i have proof. here are the names of them and a link to sithspecters thread about the existing modules he has pictures! link here! http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=186244&page=10 crossgob.mdl-circle with four exits hall01gob.mdl-hallway in crossgob hall02gob.mdl-same hall03gob.mdl-same hall04gob.mdl-same m31aa_00a.mdl-gladiator arena with a flat fighting surfact m31ab_00a.mdl-gladiator arena with various walls in different positions, kinda like a maze, but easier m31ad_00a.mdl-gladiator arena with large spiral ramps on different levels of platforms i think a talented modder with the right skill could piece these all together. all im asking is the modules and a warp code to download. i think this would be a good mod because there has been talk about these files but no one besides sithspecter has actualy restored them and sith specter never added them to his project or released them.maybe a talented modder can think about this!!! plese tell me what you think
  12. the goal is to fight as quickly as possible to that little room at the end of deck 2 with all the terminals and deactivate the turrets which will slow and eventually stop the wave it will also allow you to progress to deck 3. some useful powers are force speed, force heal, and force sheald good luck!
  13. blaaaah, i hadd a crappy halloween although i did dress up as a power ranger for a joke
  14. hey, as most of you know kaydon sentry has released his kotor movies 1 and 2 and i hear you can get it on dvd with the box art and everything does anyone have a clue were to get this??????
  15. hello lucasforums i have a new female boxer puppy and i have decided i want to name it after someone rom kotor or tsl, if you have any ideas or names just post here!
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