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    i want to have fredom
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    to the hell
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    modding RC,kicking noobs and killing clankers
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    star wars republic commando
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  1. last time I checked, we weren't adding any people from TCW, although Prudii made an EXCELLENT coruscant guard skin; we may have some lines for them..

  2. do we have commander fox cause i really wanna voice him

  3. Well as far as I know, all the squad positions are already taken. The voice places available are:




    -clone trooper


    and probably a few more...

  4. The voice actor sends me some audio files. I edit the clips (cutting out silence, helmet effect, etc) and save them as *.wav files. I send the files to Hockey, and he puts them in the mod.

    As for the accessories, I'm not really sure, sorry. Ask Hockey.

  5. gamma what we gonna do with the voices man?im trying to add accesories on my clones could u tell me how?

  6. Ask Gamma about that, I think he's in charge of VA's.

  7. yeah ure right with school til christmas we wont be able to mod much nvm what we gonna do with the voices

  8. Not sure what the game plan really is right now, with school and such...

  9. prudi what we gonna do with the mod any news?

  10. so man is commander fox in?may i voice him?

  11. merc now whats with the voices may i voice the clone troopers or anything else?

  12. srry but im kinda old modder now

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