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  1. Signed. BL2 would be the best game EVER. Period. EA needs to get their heads out of their asses and let Mr. Schafer continue with Brutal Legend.
  2. I'm bored and I've had this one question on my mind for days. What if there was a Co-Op Adventure mode? or PvP?(Ex. Eddie Vs. Doviculus, no army, no stages. Just the two, some power ups and a time limit, maybe?) That'd be awesome in my eyes. Who wants to hook up and try out that PvP? Just for fun? lol GT: SikkMatticus23 *ahem* anyway, sport you "what if" or, as it may be called "Ideas". lol
  3. GamerTag: SikkMatticus23 Feel free to send me a friend request, I am adding any huge fans/ players of the game due to the fact that it's hard as hell to find anyone playing online. So, why not, right? That or wait hours for one match just to be disconnected.
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