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  1. Well, are you up for helping me finish the Pazaak Tourney? All that's really left is gruntwork(dialogue to get to the Tournament, spawning a few more NPCs, two miscellaneous dlgs, and the ending cutscene that I'm currently working on...), and then we can go through the Leviathan together and get that sorted out.:)


    Are you able to get on Skype any time soon?

  2. It was good. I'm ready to get back to it though, what all needs to get done still?

  3. So how was your trip, FG? I figured you've been back for awhile, but I wanted to give you time to rest up a bit first...

  4. Hey, you able to get on Skype?


    I might have found a solution for your Carth Movement bug on the Leviathan. You mentioned .pth files, and I might have found a way to do it!

  5. You'd have to ask ZM about that. I'll relay it to him and then have him contact you on DS.

  6. Sounds like it's going well.


    If you need something of me just shoot it my way, I can probably get something smallish done pretty quickly. Also, do I still owe you guys the fixed Hurka scripts?

  7. Well, I just fixed a Moron's Bug, a bug that an experienced person should see but overlooks for it's unlikeliness...


    I was having issues with rank-recording in the Pazaak Tourney, but after four days I realize that I forgot to put break; statements in the switch-case loop...:(


    ZM is working on the Alien VO for it, I need to add some of Zhaboka's mandalorian lines, and then finish proofreading the dlgs for the Top Five.

  8. Really good, actually, thanks for asking.


    I haven't really had much time to check the forums, or do much modding, but how's K1R coming along?

  9. So, how's California, man? Hope you're having fun on your trip!

  10. Well, I learned something new...


    Apparently, ++-ing a variable that equals 0 doesn't change it. + 1 does though.


    This isn't why the locals weren't working, but still...

  11. *sigh*


    Well, I'll switch it to a Global then...


    As a side note, guess what else doesn't work?


    In stringtokens.2da, it has <he/she> and <He/She>; the value is switched based on gender, and the capitalization can't be changed. The issue is that when my female character encountered the capitalized version, it didn't show She, while the lowercase one did...


    Hence, I had to set a custom token to do that...:(

  12. I've never used a local number - I'm fairly certain they don't work properly, if at all.


    When using locals and stuff I only use local booleans.

  13. Since you have more experience with Local Booleans and Numbers, I figured I'd ask you...


    Is there any reason why a call to SetLocalNumber(<Object>, 13[or 12, 14, 20, 30, 31], <value>); won't actually set the freaking value...?! Been banging my head against the wall for a little while about that.


    It's REALLY screwing up my scripting for K1R...

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