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  1. It was good. I'm ready to get back to it though, what all needs to get done still?

  2. Sounds like it's going well.


    If you need something of me just shoot it my way, I can probably get something smallish done pretty quickly. Also, do I still owe you guys the fixed Hurka scripts?

  3. Really good, actually, thanks for asking.


    I haven't really had much time to check the forums, or do much modding, but how's K1R coming along?

  4. I've never used a local number - I'm fairly certain they don't work properly, if at all.


    When using locals and stuff I only use local booleans.

  5. Probably a little addon from some mod that you installed. Some mods sneak in little bits of stuff that don't really relate to the main purpose of the mod.
  6. All right sounds good.

  7. Can't really do 7 today. How about 7ish (PM) on Saturday?

  8. Just checking in - how's everything going?

  9. Yeah, I should be able to.


    Sorry I haven't been around at all - I've had a lot of stuff going on recently, and it doesn't really appear to be letting up anytime soon. I should be able to make some time though. Does Thursday at around 4 EST work?

  10. Yeah, I've been busier than I anticipated.


    Everything's going well - just busy.


    Yeah, I can upload it. A lot of it's incomplete but I can put it up there.


    Speaking of incomplete stuff, could you help me out with the Duan and Viglo stuff? Everything should be working correctly but it isn't, and I've just about exhausted all the options I can think of.


    PS: Nice work with Dark Jedi!

  11. dialog_p.gui may only be a KotOR II file. Honestly, I'd just look around the GUI and see if any file names may possibly relate to what you're looking to do, and then investigate them individually.

  12. No, I never did figure out how to get rid of the letterbox, unfortunately. Glad my work has inspired some KotOR playing, though. :D


    If you really wanted to, you could try rummaging around dialog_p.gui with the K-GFF and look for things that may relate to the letterbox and modify them... though there's no guaranteeing that what you'd need would even be in dialog_p.gui.

  13. Ezra, especially how they described him in the beginning of the video, seems very Han Solo-esque.
  14. All right, hope you get it sorted out.

  15. How's it going with the bootless clothing?

  16. Yeah, bare feet and shirt. Sorry, I didn't realize I'd copied the link incorrectly.


    It should be here. In the screenshot it's the bottom right, model variation LJ in the files I believe.

  17. Ugh... having a movie about three geezers who used to be heroes would be just so wrong.
  18. If I'm not mistaken that is the case. I'm not 100% sure if classes are hard coded, but I'm pretty sure they are.
  19. This looks very good! Nice work. I'm not very skilled in programming outside of some scripting for KotOR (and I often end up banging my head on something over that), and my time's a bit limited, but if I can help in some way I'd love to.
  20. For an xbox game though that was just an impressive segment. I liked it the first time I played... it dragged after that.
  21. Crap, well I could do Friday as well possibly, though within a more limited time frame. Monday could possibly work as well, but it'd either be from noon to three your time or for just an hour or so after five your time.

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