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  1. I'm pretty sure Prestige Classes are a concept only added in Kotor 2. Could not find any mods on kotorfiles...


    If I'm not mistaken that is the case. I'm not 100% sure if classes are hard coded, but I'm pretty sure they are.

  2. This looks very good! Nice work.


    I'm not very skilled in programming outside of some scripting for KotOR (and I often end up banging my head on something over that), and my time's a bit limited, but if I can help in some way I'd love to.

  3. Right now, there are a lot of ideas floating around, but I'll make sure to discuss it with other staff and see what they think... and definitely discuss it with all of the members too since ultimately we'd be doing this for you guys and the continuing future of LFN.


    ...The problem is that I don't know whether it's achievable with the current availability of staff. We're talking about a pretty big overhaul and that requires a lot of work. One of the reasons why the updated SWK site design didn't go up (the one I posted not too long ago) was because there wasn't enough people available to convert stuff over from the old design to the new one.


    So while we can make all the plans we want... getting it all done is another thing entirely.


    I'd be happy to help in any way I can.

  4. First off, sorry for the late reply.


    Anyway, judging by the item you uploaded, I'll assume you're using the Polish version of the game. Now, having never edited any other version other than the US one, I can't guarantee what I'm about to suggest will work, but it should.


    So you edited the item in KotOR Tool, however, KotOR Tool, at least to my knowledge, automatically makes the item be saved with an English identifier on it. Which is all well and good, except when you try and put the item into any game that isn't the English version. When you put an item into a non-English version of the game with the description/name marked as English, the description/name won't show up. In order to correct this issue, you're going to need to download a GFF editor (I recommend tk102's K-GFF) and fix this problem more "manually."


    Once you've gotten your preferred GFF editor setup, you should use it to open your item file. Now, if you're using K-GFF, it should look something like this:


    Show spoiler
    (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)


    Now, as you can see, the identified and non-identified description (boxed in blue) have already been set to Polish (whatever you did with the description apparently caused this to happen). However, the name (boxed in red) is still marked as English. This is the reason the name wasn't showing up in your game. So, in order to fix this, just click on the name line, select the language box, choose Polish, then save the file and put in the override (pictures below).


    Show spoiler
    (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)






    Now again, this might not work but to my knowledge it should. Hope I helped.

  5. Just spouting out ideas here, but obviously the box ends up on Tatooine. Uhm. Do you think Czerka could have gotten a hold of the box and that's the one you find on Tatooine on TOR quest The Thing Czerka Found? I considered that when I remembered the box. So personally, I wouldn't touch it. :p


    Eh, I don't care much for TOR so if it contradicts it I couldn't care less.

  6. Sounds like a very weird bug you're getting... maybe you could upload your copy of the UTI and I could take a look?


    (By the way, I believe this is the wrong forum for this type of thing. This sounds more like a modding issue than a problem with KotOR tool, so instead of posting here you'd want to post in Holowan Laboratories. Plus, more poeple go to Holowan so you're bound to receive more replies to your problem. Could a mod move this, please?)

  7. First off, welcome to Holowan.


    About the mod you're seeking, what do you mean by finish up the dialogue? Like allow you to talk to your party members after the final battle?

  8. That was easier to set up than I was thinking. Although, at this point I simply packaged the edited utc in the mod file. I don't see the option in ChangeEdit to add the file to the .MOD after the patcher installs it, although I'm probably missing something.


    You can change the path along the bottom (default should just be override) to Modules\ebo_m41aa.mod.

  9. I play it for the characters for the most part. Most all of them are very well fleshed out and in-depth it keeps me coming back. I had a phase where I played nothing but KotOR 1 and 2 in an endless cycle so I've probably played both somewhere between 20-35 times.

  10. With a darkside playthrough, this causes no issues. However, play the game lightside, and mostly, there is none either. You can have her run off, and go back to the Ebon Hawk to go to the Star Forge - except, you cannot. Why? Well, perhaps another example of BioWare being somewhat lazy. In the list of utc files for the area(which I believe is ebo_m41aa), p_bastilla001 is there. Which is one of the same files they use to have her appear atop the Temple, and in the instance of the LS Ebon Hawk cut-scene, likely use a script to change the appearance data, so it points to the Admiral. So, having that file in the override means that the scene stays black, and does nothing.


    In order to rectify the override issue you can just patch your version of Bastila's UTC into the correct .rim file. However, seeing as editing .rim's is potentially dangerous in KotOR (in the sense you can't uninstall by deleting the .rim) I'd recommend creating a .MOD that contains all the vanilla files from that area, and naming that .MOD exactly as the .rim is named (ebo_m41aa.rim -> ebo_m41aa.MOD).


    Then have the TSL Patcher copy over your .MOD to the modules folder (make sure it's set to copy over, not replace as your .MOD is just a precaution so the TSL Patcher can still patch files to the .MOD if the player doesn't already have a mod that created a .MOD for that area). Then, set the TSL Patcher to copy over the Bastila UTC to your .MOD file.

  11. Umm all that gameplay is available in the game...? But if your looking for the official demo it's right here


    -Supreme Kotor


    I'm pretty sure that's not the official demo... that looks like a mod for Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds, or something of that sort.


    CM Punk, on that video you posted the video uploader said that he/she had a copy of the demo in the comments. YouTube commentor's reliability aside, you may try PM'ing one of them on YouTube and see if they'll upload the files for the demo onto a file sharing site.

  12. I use a folder/sub folder system. Basically, I have one folder that houses all the other files and folders for a specific mod. Within that folder are more folders that contain all the files for specific modules/areas. Within those folders are folders separating the types of files. So it looks a little like this:


    Show spoiler
    (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)






    Now occasionally the sub folders for files will have even more sub folders within them, the voice overs folder is a good example.


    Show spoiler
    (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)


    So yeah, I just organize everything into a bunch of sub folders within one big folder.

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