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  1. Just wanna know what progress has been done so far, so that i don't have to do blind steps, about the third link up there, i've been reading and it says somthing about copying the code of one animation that looks kinda like mine ( i think i read that ). What i had in mind, is that the game expressiveness could be improved, even the Bastila Revan kiss scene could be really performed! Not fading nor using old animations! Just i read it worked better on scenes, so it would be cool to do something like that. Just hoping.
  2. If i modified one character, adding an animation, would others have that animation too? or would it be a custom animation that only that character can perform?
  3. I've seen what you've done, simply awesome!! Although it ony works with dialogue and cutscenes, still it is pretty cool, and useful. But is it something you must animate frame by frame?
  4. I've been wondering, and i think it would be really nice if we could modify or even add animations to the characters, it would make the game experience much richer and it could even lead to interesting scenes, emotive situations, and who knows what. I saw a long time ago the revan's moving cloak, was it hard to do? has anybody discovered a good way to do it? Is there anyway i can add or modify animations?
  5. Confirm... What? And what do you mean with that picture... Is that you? Ahhh.. Sorry, but since this comment seems to contribute to this thread, and you are just trying to annoy me... I'll just ask you... How did you feel when you sent that comment? Did you feel fine? Better than before writing? Let's just say, we Agree to Disagree, you all have different thoughts, i tried to make you see w hat i saw, and chose between both... but i see people are more stubborn than a donkey. Hhahahah, well that might have been a little weird... What i tried to explain, is, for instance, most religions talk about "sins" right? such as proud and so on. Well, if we didn't have any problem with ourselves, we wouldn't have problems with others, and yes, we all have problems with ourselves, we are stubborn, greedy or whatever. You may say no, but can you tell me a case, which people argue or fight or anything, without having personal problems? You just don't get that the bird is the word. xD. I mean uhhh!! We all try to change things from the outside, but we cannot change them if we dont change us first, improve ourselves, if you are so stubborn and blind to think you are the best, and perfect, then, that is your problem. If i gave you and advice and you threw it, you wouldn't be as perfect as you might think, because intelligent people are those who listen, and think, not those that listen what they think. PD: By the way, i think i'll show you an example of what is reading smartly. Do you know Islam? Do you think all those crazy guys that kill others because they're not islamic did read correctly? Nobody said these stories were factual, and people tend to misunderstand everything, because people tend to spend just a little, little amount of energy, and just think enough to undestand the tales. Yihad means spiritual fight with oneself, to finally become someone better, but all the people just read this and think it is about military fighting.
  6. First of all, as i read your comment, i noticed that you're getting on the defensive. I didn't do that to any other one, i merely gave my opinion about this thread, but you're trying to be right, always, you know what i mean right? You , man, woman or zoidberg... are just questioning my answers just because you want to get better than me... Maybe not in a conscious way, and i know you'll be saying it's not true. Now that i explained how you felt inside when you read my comment i'll start to tell you what i think about your answers. 1. To be fully sincere, i have nothing to say about satanic followers, i just said that because many people would say, what about satanism? and start being annoying just like you now. I've been reading about LaVeyan, and i have to say that i don't fully agree with them, also i agree in some parts... I agree with them in this: When in another’s home, show them respect or else do not go there. (Ok) I don't agree with them in most of them, but i want to highlight this: Stupidity -- It’s too bad that stupidity isn’t painful. Ignorance is one thing, but our society thrives increasingly on stupidity. It depends on people going along with whatever they are told. The media promotes a cultivated stupidity as a posture that is not only acceptable but laudable. Satanists must learn to see through the tricks and cannot afford to be stupid - Ehem... What? So, if you're a satanic follower then you have commited one sin, stupidity, people going along with whatever they are told, come on, if so, that means you shouldn't change your mind, not even if you are wrong, so satanism goes just down.. You can never be a good satanic follower then... Also Lack of Perspective, well, satanic people just joined that religion, and made it because they were angry of christianity, and they don't really know, they just follow this stuff as blind people. So that's the second sin.. Brainwashing is also another sin, so third auto-sin... Ok i think it is obvious that LaVeyan satanism, no offense for him, is totally nonsense, if not, tell me what they meant when they did this, and i'll try to understand. ( Unlike many that hear, don't like, and ignore ) (all taken from wikipedia) 2. If we were perfect we would know, (tell me if i am wrong) what's better for everybody and ourselves, right? I have read other books, yes, and if you didn't notice, i am not christian, i'm just telling that you just start criticizing others and you don't look at yourself first. Tell me, are you good enough to stop looking at yourself and improving yourself..... and start looking at others?Why does the whole universe have to be the way you want, and not you being like you want first? 3. It is, i'm sorry that you don't agree with me, but after all... To be fully sincere you would prove to be better if you just ignored it, you would look quite more mature, rather that being so childish. Also about being an anti-religious.... What the heck did they do to you? They just created some beliefs to follow, and many people took these beliefs and used them to manipulate people.Not all the religious people are like that. If you just skipped that "page" of your life, and you don't care anymore about that, why are those things in your mind? If those thoughts are wandering in your head, it is because they are important to you, if not you would ignore it. 4. See? You are getting on the defensive. You start criticizing things that maybe aren't that weird if you think a little. In a logic way, if you are perfect, your thoughts tend to be perfect, and you tend to think about things that lead to at least, useful things. Thinking about how bad he is, this and the other, just proves you aren't perfect, i'm not saying you should be perfect, but that should be something you always tried to achieve. Also... What's up with your eyes? Do you think people with glasses are inferior? ( See, now i'm getting on the defensive ) if you don't like your eyes it is your problem. I can also take things out of proportion . Answer me what you think about people with glasses... 5. Methapors is an intelligent way to say something, reading beneath texts is an intelligent way to read. Did i offend you in any of my comments? Please tell me if i did. It was not my intention. PD: Really, do you think satanism is ok? Do you think that if someone annoys you he must die? "nonsense"
  7. Noooooo, you misunderstood what i tried to say, Q. Possibly my fault, i didn't say everything with enough accuracy. I didn't mean he has to turn into an "amoral savage", don't be an extremist, come on... I meant that he should become an anti-religious people, just critizising every step they do. Also, religion is not based in a deity, not all of them, as i said, there are religions that are based in thinking about things that surround them, more like a phylosohpical way to live. About the other thing... people are responsible of their actions, YES, but YOU ARE ALSO RESPONSIBLE OF YOURS, i think you should look at yourself first, not just once, or twice, always. You wouldn't have the need of critizising people if you were entirely perfect. The problem is that we all want the universe to be like we want, but we aren't like we should. We think the whole universe just works because of us, not literally, in a methaphorical way. Also, i think the problem is NOT religion, most religions are based in a more intelligent phylosophy than what we just read. No offense for those that believe that the first 2 people in the world were Adam and Eve.. But, these things are stories, but what is hidden within them is what we don't see. When you see 2 friends fighting for something, you only see the fight and say, ¡Oh, my God!! (lol) but only some people see that is within that fight, feelings.... When we argue, we think we are so reasonable, we never look at ourselves correctly... Believe me, it is very hard for people to change their minds when they think something is as they think. Well that was kinda an example... Hope i am not misunderstood again. Kelvin
  8. That is something i tried to say. The problem is people, in fact, if we followed the philosophy from any religion ( excepting those about satanism and so on ) there would be no need to have weapons, as we would not kill each other, we would just forgive and apologize, it would be a great world.. The problem is that people isn't so, but the question is.. Are you so? Now that you have read this... Are you going or try to be like this? Ok... Everything you are saying, as i see, has been worked and has kind of a base but, i must say that, many things in bible are kind of mixed, because it was made by people of different thoughts, so you cannot blame anybody because it is sometimes contradictory, the case is that, you should believe what is more logical from your perspective. And about the bad luck you had... Don't feel offended it's not my goal right now... That's kinda egoist, in theory, you are christian, or you claim to be one, being christian is not being perfect, is having some beliefs and fighting for them, there are people that are even worse than you and they still stare at people with peaceful eyes and smile. Don't think about how desperate you are, that is magnifying the problem, and we don't want that right? And, PLEASE I WANT YOU TO READ THIS, you will probably say it's not true but it is. You had bad luck in your life, and instead of searching a way to get what you want, you start crying and asking why god didn't give you the job you want. Do you think that someone who loves you would let you do nothing in life by yourself? Also you gave too much importance to what surrounds you, rather than improving yourself, instead of thinking who's doing bad things, ask yourself what are you doing wrong. All my wishes to help you Kelvin
  9. To be fully sincere, i don't exactly agree with you. Yes, religion has been used to control people throughout the ages. Yes.. The most powerful way to control people is through their minds and thoughts, yes... But religion hides something more, not only stories, about this and the other, but a truly whole philosophy. Also, not all the religions are like that, in fact, religions from Asia, such as Buddhism, Confucianism and so on... They center they're beliefs in thinking and meditating about everything that surrounds them. In that part, i agree with them, occidental religions have always imposed things as impossible to evolve or change. You don't have to "hate" or ignore totally, because the one who hears is as wise as the one who speaks. You can have you're own beliefs, but they don't need to be the whole inverse of the ones from christian or jewish or whatever religion, just because they have done bad things before. The problem is that religions, or, to be more accurate, communities of religions, are formed by people, people that have their pros and cons, and, well, somehow, you cannot blame them for what they did after all, who are we to blame people?, and even more important, would he act the same, if his life would have been like yours?
  10. Mmmm, and, is there any way to extract any module from the game? If so you could just extract it and just do the same...
  11. What? Then what is disbeliever's LMforDummies about? They can be found here http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=202321 and here http://lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=202323
  12. Well, i think textures make it look better, but shadows and orientation of lights does the same. Well, i challenge you, actually begging but, challenge sounds better . I challenge you to, make more stunning lightmaps. And, if it is possible, decide which ones are better and give all the glory for the chosen one!!!
  13. I've been wondering about posting a new thread about this... And well, there it is. I hope you people will participate in this, even if it is useless, just for fun xD. From what i've seen, i like: The large amount of planets The intention of Bioware in making this a great detailed game, with lots of stuff to do. Mass effect dialog style. But i don't like: The speed in battle, they are just a bit slow, from my perspective. Facial expressions, i haven't seen any scared face, angry, sad, happy.... when talking to an NPC. Face shape and complexity, the faces look like cartoons, more realism will make both the experience and the size of the game greater, but maybe, just a more realistic shape would do.
  14. Thanks for everything quoted above. About the flowing cape... How was it done? Thanks for reading and answering, again. I think it MUST be possible, if there were some way to see the animations that are available, and with some camera tweaks, that would do. If you have a crazy idea, something that might do, even if the final product remains a little "dodgy"
  15. Im not sure where to post this since i want to ask how to do it and also asking about if any of you would be interested in making this. K1 and K2 romantic scenes. Yeah yeah, i've seen the "Visual" Kiss, but i think it needs more work and better camera positions, at least, the one i found at YouTube. I think animations aren't really a big problem if the camera position makes it look like whatever we want... The problem is, that i don't have the skill not even the knowledge (by now) to make something like this, but the best tool i have is my imagination . I just think it MUST be possible, it will make me much happier this way xD. PD: Is there any tool for K1 or K2 that could let me see the animations of any model?
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