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  1. Good day to all, boys and girls! The international cooperation between the various forums is working GREAT! Thank to Cireja, from the Spanish forum of AbandonSocios, now this game has also his SPANISH LANGUAGE VERSION! We from the Monkey Island World Forum are delighted by these collaborations! The link to download the new release is the same! Have fun!
  2. WOW! Thank you, ThunderPeel2001! We're happy you like it! We (re-)made it with all our enthusiasm! Ciao ciao from Italy!
  3. Hello, guys! This morning I am pleased to present you an Italian project all related to our friend Indy! Indiana Jones and the gold of Genghis Khan Here the Italian link: http://www.gabartsdigital.altervista.org But it has been presented even on the pages of the AGS forum: http://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/forums/index.php?topic=51477.0 It is an adventure that chronologically follows the events of the movie and the game "The Last Crusade", and it reproposes atmospheres and graphics ... well: mouth-watering! YUM! The aut
  4. Hi folks! In recent months the fangame page has been continuously updated and implemented, and then I'm here for reports due. I managed to track some fangames I did not have, and I found many that I did not know the existence! Here the list: - Loom II - Chaos returns / The years of Chaos / Chaos I was really lucky: the release of this demo was not advertised! - Zak McKraken 2: Between time and space / Zak McKraken forever / the Return to the Beginning of Time / Revenge of the Alien Mindbenders This is a magnificent project of German fans! Here's the unavailable
  5. Guys, I think it is important to reiterate that I apologize for any errors and for the incorrect news that I have written in the descriptions of the games. Please, notify me all the errors that you find, and I'll try to fix everything as soon as possible. If you want, you can write me using my e-mail address (bye.pulciniverdi@libero.it) Ciao ciao
  6. WOW what a surprise! Nice to meet you, E.D.! Finally, a "pioneer" of fangames! You could be really helpful! If you like, check out all the news I reported on the famous fangames you know, and let me know if I'm correct, OK? And if you were able to restore your "Fangames.co.uk" website, or to recover the games that were hosted there, let me know!
  7. I have already taken action to correct the error. Apparently my sources of information were incorrect. Thanks for your report!
  8. Surely you noticed the other topic "The fangames media section at The International House of Mojo." I hope that you like that initiative! However, my collection goes on, and of course now also goes on to all the fans of LucasArts games, too. Therefore, if in the list of fangames you should realize that something is missing, or maybe you have some game that is not mentioned on that page, let me know, ok? All that I receive, it will probably be inserted in that page! Ciao ciao!
  9. Hello, guys! Several months ago I presented on this forum asking for help to continue my collection of LucasArts fangames. I was noticed by the heads of Lucasforums, who thought that because of my 'competence', I could work with them to their own idea: an initiative that was yet to be realized. Obviously I was very flattered by all this (thanks, Gabez! ), and though I thought (and still think) I am not up to the task that was given to me, in all humility, I began to follow this project. Thus began a correspondence by e-mail, full of requests for clarification, and how t
  10. Hi Hellbeard! I do not own the games I listed above. I approached this forum hoping to find them! Consequently, I do not know if the games I listed above are really good (Although, on the premise that I read on websites that I mentioned, it seems that they are). As for the ones I own, as I remember at this moment, I can list these: - Fate of Monkey Island; - Fate of Monkey Island 2 (even if incomplete); - Maniac Mansion 3D demo aka Meteor Mess; - Indiana Jones and the heritage of time / Indiana Jones und das Erbe der Zeit; - Indiana Jones - The revenge of t
  11. Well... Thanks to all of you, boys! Yes, there are THOUSANDS of fans in the world, and I'm a FAN! For my research I made a kind of "database", and it is very useful, otherwise I would be lost among the hundreds of projects of various fangamers from all the world (which often have the same title).
  12. Hi friends! Hi Zum! Here I am for another little list of the fangames I'm searching for... This time is for the ITALIANS ones! Yes, though I am Italian, I have difficulties to find certain Italian games, and maybe there is some Italian (or even from other countries) who can help me! Here the list: - Indiana Jones' last adventure http://web.archive.org/web/20061127053525/www.temal.altervista.org/ - La minaccia fantasma http://www.mightysite.altervista.org/fangames.htm - Monkey Island 2,5 - by Valerio Castelli http://freeforumzone.leonardo
  13. Hy boys! Today I list the fangames in German language I'm searching for! Here the list: - Boxfight for AGS by Sharalamude http://www.bigbluecup.com/games.php?action=detail&id=374 - Indiana Bond and the mysterious shrine by Yooda http://www.bigbluecup.com/yabb/index.php?topic=11941.0 - Das mysteriƶse Verschwinden by Sandy https://www.adventure-treff.de/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=7187&view=previous - DOTT - Return of purple tentacle (A Beats of Rage MOD) by Senile Team http://teaminsanity.wildeaglerecords.com/dottmod/ - Hoagie - by Crazy-Roket (
  14. Good morning boys! (In Italy now is 8.30 A.M.) @Zum Yeah, I know the Italian "VoodooMaster Fangamers' Island" I am in contact with VoodooMaster, and often I send him different fangames, but lately he has been really busy with study and work, so he has not upgraded his web-site. (are you the same "Zum" of the Italian MI Forum?) @HaydenWCE Yes, the production of that beautiful fangame has been "suspended". --- Here a "little" list of the fangames I'm searching for in Spanish language: - La leyenda de Monkey Island (by El_Yind) http://
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