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  1. A few days ago I stumbled upon a very interesting platformer game called "Schrodinger's cat: Raiders of the Lost Quark"; its intro trailer gives a very LucasArts-ish vibe, reminding of stuff like DOTT or Psychonauts. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) This made me think that the themes of quantum physics and cosmology, which are rapidly becoming popular in all sorts of media (books, movies, etc., like R. A. Wilson's "Schrodinger's Cat" trilogy), are still mostly ignored in adventure genre. I believe all this weirdness about Schrodinger's cats, multiple realities, all sorts of quirky particles and their interactions, etc. would make excellent basis for a wacky DOTT-style adventure game (maybe something like particles growing to marcoscopic size and becoming sentient like Green and Purple Tentacle). Other physical concepts, like those from cosmology, could be employed as well. The lore of King's Quest is already using the idea of "pocket universes", and it could also be possible to include things like holographic principle and AdS/CFT. This could make an interesting plot not only for a sci-fi game, but also for games like King's Quest and Torin's Passage, with the main characters discovering that they're just bits of information on a two-dimensional surface, and this explains all the strange things/magic of their world. What do you think?
  2. HELL YEAH!!! Regarding suggestions: well, the original Insecticide makes use of some sci-fi elements, so perhaps this time you could employ something mystical, with Lovecraftian vibe (this would very well fit in with noir atmosphere)? Maybe with some reference to Freaky Stories (after all, its main characters were a maggot and a cockroach)? (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  3. http://slimyjackpot.com A surreal oldschool adventure game from the team that (almost) brought you "The Carnival of Monkey Island". Another major inspiration for the project was Toonstruck (actually, the starting point for the project was my disappointment with Keith Arem's fruitless Toonstruck 2 campaign). The basic idea of the project is to blend the atmosphere of a classic cartoonish Lucas-style adventure and a storyline in the vein of mind-bending movies, like Mulholland Drive or Donnie Darko. Description: Meet Marty Martinson, a lowlife employee of Croco's Diner, of the New Misterio city. He is an avid fan of noir and horror stories, spending most of his modest income on the newest issues of "Weird Tales" and other pulps. One midnight party completely changes his life: having drunk some mysterious liquid, he's thrown him into an adventure of his dreams, with mafia, occultism, vampires, a mysterious red-headed lady, a demonic clown, etc. Is Marty just dreaming, having fallen asleep on a park bench? Or perhaps the drink was hallucinogenic, and he's now delusional? Or maybe (just maybe) there really is something bigger behind this all? The full game will consist of four acts, they will be released episodically. The working title for the first one is "Caught in the Act". We're still looking for team members: Storywriting: The basic storyline is written, but many details still need to be worked out. In short, if you have no problem editing and expanding someone else's crazy ideas, we really need you on board Artists/animators: For now, we have only one (albeit absolutely amazing) background artist, and we could always use more (the same goes for animators). You can see examples of art style in the public section of our forums. Musicians: The key words are "jazz", "noir", "lounge" and "oldschool adventures". I would probably describe the music style as "Toonstruck meets noir movies". Voice acting: It is not our priority for now, but we are planning to include voices later on. You may join right now, and we'll find a job for you later. Programmers: We use Visionaire, so LUA coders are welcome. We could use other help as well (such as translating, advertising, etc., etc.). We also have a F. A. Q. thread on our forums, so that you may ask our team questions about the upcoming project.
  4. There are so many websites, Facebook groups and petitions about resurrecting the Freelance Police and absolutely nothing about Plunge Through Space. So I decided... why not start one myself? I find the idea of an action-adventure with the emphasis on "adventure" really fascinating, given that most such games (like DeathSpank) had the emphasis on "action". Everyone's welcome to join: http://www.facebook.com/groups/261028880683684/
  5. Happy New Year everyone! A couple of goodies for you!
  6. I don't think that's absolutely nesessary to get all 50000. The petitions for the Silver Lining and Sam & Max 2 were both successful (the latter one reached its goal in an indirect way), although the former one got only 3024 signatures out of 100000. So I believe that 10000 or about so will be more than enough.
  7. More news: we've reached the point of 3000 signatures!!!
  8. Some more news: we've opened a livejournal community! Everyone is invited to join!
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