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  1. I'm playing the game via free play and I've run into a snag. I'm a Level 16 Jedi Guardian and have been able to upgrade the gear of my character, but anything I buy tells me I can't give to my companion Jedi or companion droid. I'm at a part where I'm battling a tough Sith and my droid or Jedi companion die pretty much immediately and then I can only manage to get the Sith's health down to half. I know I need to upgrade my companions armor and all, but where do I do this? Any help would be much appreciated because I basically can't play or progress any further.
  2. There are many reasons why this isn't possible. For one, if Vader is cloned, he wouldn't be, nor need the suit. It would clone a perfect Anakin Skywalker and Vader wouldn't be stupid enough to do that. It could turn on him, just like Starkiller did. And if cloning force users is that easy, Palpatine would of let the real Anakin/Vader die and just clone a new one. He had no problem using cloning for his troops, which makes me believe that cloning Jedi is impossible. I don't honestly believe Starkiller is a clone and as for the dark side ending, well...I have no theory on that...yet!
  3. Remember in Revenge of the Sith with Palpatine was telling Anakin of some power his former master achieved. Using the midichlorians to create life and that in achieving this power keeping someone alive would be much similar or however it was put. Could Vader of discovered this power, kept it from Palpatine and used it on Starkiller after the final battle events on the Death Star in the first game??? Vader tellinging Starkiller he is a clone could of been a way to cause self-doubt. And maybe what Vader said in the beginning about force user clones going bad was true. We did see clones in the final level and they didn't seem very sane or stable(although they weren't matured clones yet). Many of the star wars ideas for the expanded universe seem to focus on alot of prequel knowledge. This may be the secret the game developers might be keeping for the 3rd game revelation(if there is a 3rd game).
  4. I finally found something after near of a day searching online *is exhausted*. Apparently there is a glitch in the game. You can only gain the achievement on a second saved game. O_o
  5. I hope this is ok to post here! I'm not sure if the problem I'm having is my game disc or my xbox. I can't seem to get some of my achievements, the "holocron hunter" especially. I've gone through the game 4 times today with a video guide with all the locations. I've checked each spot, yet there are no holocrons I haven't collected. Does anyone know if this means my game disc is defective, something wrong with my xbox or what??? Any help is appreciated
  6. np..1.6 due out soon

  7. You want more lightsabers in TSL??..go here..but download and install TSLRCM 1.7 first! It can be DL'd at the same site.http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/41-heroes-of-the-old-republic-15-full/

  8. Kotor I - More then 20 Level Ups! Reason: Only recently did I choose to hold off on level ups in the beginning of the game so I can get more force powers. I use to go 8 or 9 level ups, now I wait until 3 or 4. There are tons of awesome feats and powers and I get like barely half. Also, by the time I need those certain powers and feats at their strongest its too late. And I always run out of level ups by the time I reach the Unknown Regions. Kotor II - More Lightsabers!(like in kotor 1!) Reason: I love the new ability to convert your team mates into Jedi/Sith. So, why not have plenty of lightsabers to go with them. I can't remember before, but I'm currently playing and only have found 3, plus the one I built. I've got Kreia, Visas, Mical and Atton with the ability to use the force and a lightsaber, don't have enough. And all that I've collected are double blades, so, everyone fights and looks the same, kind of boring. I know you said change 1 thing, but like some of you above, it would of been nice if they had a few more worlds to travel to. It can take time to convert your team mates and by the time you are powerful enough you're near the end. Also, I know in the first game you have 4 worlds to find the star maps, but that didn't mean only 4 planets in the second game. When I first played and saw, I believe that was old Coruscant, I was hoping to go there and see whatever destruction the place had. And Korriban feels kind of like a rip off since there aren't many side-quests and its very fast. I wasn't too fond of returning to Dantooine. There are hundreds of worlds listed for the Star Wars universe. They should of picked some new worlds.
  9. Oh that sucks. But I did see some stuff by mods when I was searching, just hoping you could with the workbench. I know I could of gotten a lightsaber on Nar Shadda but I killed the guy that I needed to complete the guide in order to get a lens. I went to Korriban and got the dead Jedi Master's lightsaber. Thanks for your help. I'll go to Onderon next.
  10. I hope this is the right place to post this. I already have required what I need to build my first lightsaber and Boa-Dur has helped me construct it. But now that I have gotten a few of my team members to be force sensative I need lightsabers for them. Is there a way to create a lightsaber using the workbench? Is so, please tell me in detail and if not then how do I get my other team member's lightsabers??? This is like the only thing I don't like about Kotor 2. In kotor 1 you get more then enough lightsabers you want, but kotor 2 it's so hard to find and obviously in my case, build them =/
  11. I was able to contact the store online I bought from. They sent me a new game and it works fine. The disc was defective. All is good now, thanks though.
  12. I wasn't sure where to post this and not sure if anyone can help, but I thought I'd give it a shot. I just bought last week the force unleashed 2 collectors edition. I noticed that sometimes it wouldn't read the disc. I started playing 30 minutes ago and it froze after just a few moments of playing. I restarted and now I'm getting an error message that there is something wrong with the disc, it won't play. I tried loading other games and they work fine. There are like no scratches, its brand new. I bought it online and the last time I complained about a damaged disc I didn't get a new copy as I was promised. I'm guessing that I basically lost my money here, but if anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate it!
  13. I like this idea, but to be honest we should of faced him in TFU2. When I saw the dark side ending and that "distant thunder" art movie clips I realized they seriously blew the oportunity to create an amazing game. They should of shown actual sequences of Vader and the dark apprentice and after Vader is captured have the dark apprentice reveal himself and disappear, forcing Starkiller to go on a mission or two to find him, along with Juno guiding him. I do want to find out what happens to her, but I don't want it to be repetitive. I'm not quite sure how she could be involved, especially with Episode 4 so close. So many Jedi and Sith around during the original trilogy, its like history is rewriting itself. I was actually thinking of this after replaying Kotor 2 a few months back. I agree that Starkiller shouldn't die again but be cut off from the force. I can see Kota dieing for Starkiller, Juno or the rebellion but not Starkiller. And there should be more about his identity. Changing back to his birth name Galen Marek and convincing others to call him by that, leaving behind his old life. There should definently be a duel between Galen and dark starkiller and find a way to cut the connection from both of them. I didn't find any use for Mind Trick until I played on the Hard and Unleashed setting. I would like that to return. I never found a use for lightning shield personally. And I think changing from single to duel blades is a good idea. And maybe as a bonus to unlock is a double blade, just for the few fans who like Darth Maul XD I do miss the rancors! Although, I don't like going back to the same locations, it feels repetitive and like I'm back in the previous game. I probably wouldn't mind if they brought maybe 1 or 2, but as long as there are like many others 7 or more. When Kota mentioned Kashyyyk in TFU2 I was like "please no." I wasn't fond of that level in the first place, though I know it was important for the story. I do agree with the sentient enemies. I enjoyed felusia and the natives as well as the sarlacc, especially going inside the creature! That was awesome! The force fury was amazing, but it takes way too long to build up! I felt like I was playing some old star wars game and waiting a half hour for my force to build back up! Should of taken half of the time and not drained so quickly! Especially was annoying when I activate it and Vader would clash sabers with me and share his taunts! The challenge modes are ridiculous in my opinion. I spent 2 hours on the retrieval dash one and still can't get past padawan! I feel like I'm ready to pull my hair out when I attempt those. They should be challenging but also fun, not frustrating! At first I thought it was cool but then after repeating over and over and over and over, I was like "omg, shut up!" lol I've never talked to my screen from a game so much in my life I agree here! We should of learned if he was a clone or not in TFU2 so in TFU3 he can be confident and sure of himself like Luke was in Return of the Jedi. In Episode 4 our hero was introduced, Episode 5 our hero learned the truth of who he was and where he came from and in Episode 6 our hero faces the final trials. Sadly, I don't see how this is possible for Starkiller. What Vader did to him outranks what happened to Luke, so Vader should be Starkiller's to destroy, but that will never happen, which is why part of me was happy with TFU1's ending. TFU2 could of be considered a success if they had lengthed the time on Dagobah, having Yoda train him a little, maybe try to convince him to controls his emotions for Juno like he tried with Luke for Han and Leia. Then have a mission where Starkiller finds Kota on Malastar and then continue to the cutscene where they arrive on the fleet. TFU2 had a beginning and an ending but no middle. Hopefully the developers will learn this for the third game. I do agree that Starkiller shouldn't be running around. It would feel too much likd TFU1. But there should be no less then maybe 5 locations. And several missions on each. Yes! to everything you said. Especially the total enemies, points, extra quests in the missions and to skip the "gameplay" animated scenes as I call them. I listened to Kota's voice on that part like 7 or 8 times over! O_O I had such high hopes for that. I still like that level in TFU2, but it would of been nice to destroy a few racors and some other creatures from the Star Wars universe! Reek and Ackley from Episode 2 please! XD Ha, ha, that would be a good spoof, but I think after Starkiller risking everything in TFU2 just to find Juno, I doubt he would betray her like that. And yes! They have every skin except one for Juno! I would love to play the game with a Juno skin!!! I had a ball when I used the C-3P0 skin I came up with something to prove he is just a clone, but it was only a way for me to rationalize how bad the story was in the game. After failing Vader's tests and from the vision of being killed, Juno is all he has left and decides to take a chance and hope she accepts him. Which is why he thinks he has no obligations to the rebel alliance.
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