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  1. How come no new updates or new DLC have been released because ive been very curious about what leia said at the end of the endor mission about luke dieing on hoth.
  2. Well i can answer this when he was blinded he did lose his connection to the force for awhile it is possible for that to happen. so over time he regained his connection to the force hence his actions is TFU 2 because in the book shadows of the empire it is mentioned that a black man with a missing hand helps luke build a new lightsaber but thats the only thing the man remembers how to do but has no connection to the force makes you wonder who that was, but that was at the end of the book. but besides that Kota knew who starkiller was the whole time in TFU 1 because of what he said to Juno on the light side ending was the only time when he had the force back until TFU 2. so yea Kota could of lost his connection to the force after his fight against starkiller and it took a long time to return.
  3. well if anyone other then me has read any of the books knows that starkiller makes his apprearence in some of the books after the fall of the empire. before the new jedi order book series. but ive only seen 4 books with starkiller in them that are after the return of the jedi. from what i have read starkiller lost his connection from the force in a major battle that he won against his true clone hence the clone from TFU 2 and during that battle boba fett rescued vader from the rebels and after that fight starkiller decided to leave with juno and the rebels behind and did mentioned kota dieing to save juno before starkiller showed up to fight his clone. i forgot which book mentions this but i have read it when a rebel soldier tells luke about the rebel leadership and who started it and how vader escaped the rebels.
  4. No offence to the people that are critics but i have read some of the bad stuff said about TFU and TFU 2 and i have to say i have played both games and i enjoy them no matter what is said. i mean Critics makes it sound like you should not buy the games and stuff like that i mean to be honest its the players choice to play the games. The Dark Side versions of the expansions to both Force Unleashed games are what ifs all they are, are alternate reality of the star wars universe. in the first game you kill darth vader and become the Emperor's assassin and you have to stop the rebel allience. in the second game you are the clone of starkiller doin darth vader's bidding who later gets betrayed by the Emperor after you kill Leia. Yea i have to admit that Han and Chewy die but thats the beauty of the alternate universe of Star Wars say what you want, i think the Force Unleashed 2 was made to be more like a movie of a game then a game i cant say i miss the after mission report even though the first game was good in my opinion but that after mission report was a tad bit annoying made me feel like i was taking small breaks. only thing i see glitch wise in TFU 2 is the no saber activation noise after you switch from the red crystal and from the dark side expansion the annoying saber tail from an unactive saber after killing han and chewy. other then this in my opinion i see nothing wrong with any of the The Force Unleashed games at all just wish the next mission and skin pack comes out soon. to me critics give a good game bad reputation before it is played by the players, yea ive seen some bad games that deserve the bad credit but critics say were good games.
  5. Im getting my ten cents in this one. Yoda and Obi both needed to wait for the perfect time to train Luke and Leia but the events from Eps 4 prevented Obi wan when he allowed himself to die to help luke and the others escape. so it fell on yoda to pick up where Obi Wan left off. but we all know where the events went after that. but yea i have to admit Yoda knew who Starkiller was but never did anything about it allowed him into the cave with no effort on a fight or anything. Also from what ive gather Sith can mislead people to beleiving they are something when they are not. Starkiller from the game was not a clone if everyone has forgotten from the events of the first game when Vader stabed Starkiller in the back and then came back on a meddical bed because of vader brought him back from the dead then. Unless you do the Dark Side ending in Force Unleashed 2 you would still think Starkiller was a clone but he really wasnt he could of been thrown to the brink of death at the end of Force Unleashed 1 but that is the Question everyone is wondering, i have gathered this much from putting things together.
  6. LOL never thought that people would correct me so much lol this isnt the only time someone has done this to one of my post im use to it BTW. anyway im wondering if they are goin to release the second costume pack and next level i know they are goin to show up one day just dont know when.
  7. the battle of endor is good but a hoth and tatooine mission would be cool but do something different for both still think the first force unleashed is unfinished with out a endor mission in my opinion i like both games and i will still get the 3rd game when ever it is made and comes out. what Leia says in the endor DLC about luke falling on hoth still makes me wonder what happened i know in the first game you turn luke to the dark side on hoth and kill boba fett on tatooine im wondering what tatooine and hoth would be like for TFU 2.
  8. well i did a search earlier today and found out that the new president of lucas studios may not allow the third force unleashed to be made. im sorry but if the people dont get a good conclusion of the series i know as well as everyone else knows that Goerge Lucas is goin to get alot of unhappy fan mail about it andd something has to be done. Me personally i would like to see the force unleashed series end well with force unleashed 3 the second game left too much room for the last game for the the force unleashed series. Also my brothher would like to see if starkiller can weild a staff saber (aka darth mauls saber in sence) in the next game but i think its pointless on that the dual weilding i think is better. anyway if everyone agrees with me on this then help me keep force unleashed 3 alive and tell this new Lucas Arts Studio President what we think about what he has planned.
  9. well i wish the challenges werent so hard to get stuff from should of been you can unlock anythign reguardless of the medal you get i mean gold to unloack the good stuff is not my thing specially when i want my saber crystals. plus they are so hard they need to make a difficulty setting for the challenges depending on the persons play style for the game or go off the difficulty you beat the games story on for the challenges at least. also got a problem with a jumptrooper stuck in a wall in the salvation level after you beat the terror walker and i cant kill him is the only bug ive noticed in the game so far for the PS3 version my brother has the 360 version and has the same problem.
  10. Well no offense but i think their should at least been more to the game to make it longer before beating it but other then that the story was good just wish it was alittle longer. other then that the game was good.
  11. well just noticed that the rodians on two skiffs in the first raxus prime have disappeared near the generater you have to pull to shut off that sheild wall
  12. meh lucas is the master of all star wars give the man a break with out lucas we wouldnt have star wars. anyway heard rumur lucas arts is looking for a new project leader for the new force unleashed 3 but that is unconfermed but it wont beat blackmans first two games though. but it would be cool to see the game series end with force unleashed 3 if it is ever made but we will find out one day.
  13. Why hasnt a Endor/Deathstar mission been made for the ultimate sith edition and regular copy of the first force unleashed. i think it would be cool to see what the alternate version of EP6 would look like. i mean in wrath of the empire you turn luke to the dark side which was cool and fighting obi wan on tatooine was cool as well. If their is goin to be a alternate version of EP6 what will the level be called fall of the jedi or something. just wish the mission for the dark side didnt end with wrath of the empire.
  14. well like i said in my very first post im a huge star wars fan reguardless what people say about force unleashed 2 im goin to enjoy it like i did the first game. ive been counting the days til the release and all i have to do is pick my copy up at gamestop thank god i have it paid off also goin to enjoy the collecters edition. also if lucasarts has an idea for like a Ultimate jedi or sith edition for force unleashed 2 i would like to see an endor/deathstar mission for a change.
  15. Well i dont think anyone other then me has noticed but i have the PS3 version of the first force unleashed and the ultimate sith edition (because i didnt feel like downloading the DLC at the time) that the saber tail still shows after four swings through out the game and every now and then a stormtrooper or another imperial that doesnt die by normal attacks. also every now and then when i force push an enemy they go through the wall and come running out of the wall in certian levels and also in the tatooine mission the level slows down like its tryin to freeze which is annoying half way through the level (on the ultimate sith edition) the other missions dont do this. if Lucas Arts the masters of the Star Wars world can fix these before the release of force unleashed 2 in 10 days i would be greatful im a huge star wars fan and always will be. Your biggest star wars fan. JonChaos6
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