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  1. I would uninstall then try a fresh reinstall maybe some files got messed up during download, It has happened to me before, And trying a fresh install seems to work!
  2. I would disagree since the Sith blew up Dantooine, Wouldn't it be the first place to look for survivors? If i were a Jedi i would go somewhere, Where i know the Sith couldn't detect me! Being that Nar Shaddah is the smugglers moon, I still wouldn't want to be around a planet full of Bounty hunters or Hutts, As they would have a price on my head!
  3. It is a fun game but really not that long, Unless you add mods!
  4. Dialog being funny doesn't describe it LOL! The character sounds like a 2yr old!
  5. Sometimes Fame and Fortune can be a scary thing for some, Some handle it by showering themselves with little things, And some use Drugs and alcohol as a means!!
  6. Well yeah that's what i mean is a little more background into his character, All we really knew he was a slave, He left to become a Jedi, Came home finds out mother is gone, Finds her, then she dies, Then he goes on a rampage, Not to mention through all 3 films we seen he had little patience, All ways had a ego, Then the events in ROTS That's all.
  7. It's sad to see someone waste their life and talent on something stupid, I didn't care for her music, but i don't wish her to be dead, Had she gone for help she would still be here, Sadly some people feel they can't be helped or don't want to get help!!
  8. I loved all three, However i was a little upset how slow moving The Phantom Menace was compared to the other 2, I do enjoy going back and watching the first three movie's on a rainy day or when I just want to relax. The Phantom Menace, I thought it could have had more to offer, I don't feel it was the film it should have been, Kind of like watching the last three when the special edition came out, The new footage added more to the film, Even if it was only a couple of quick screen shots. I wished that it explained how young Vader became a slave on Tatooine, That way we could see just exactly where the seed had been planted for him to betray the republic and later become the powerful man we seen being made. But overall the biggest thing that bothered me was, Boba Fett wasn't a actual Mandalorian, So why did we see him wear the armour like he was one, As far as we know, Jango Fett is from the planet Concord Dawn?
  9. I just hope it's everything it's hyped up to be, Or I'm going to be real upset!
  10. I like all the points you made, The biggest being Where did Revan go?, All we get to see is a hologram image of Bastila saying he went somewhere but no one knows where?
  11. This is going to be a lot of fun, can't wait till it's done!
  12. it's nice to know there are still people out there willing to help someone, That's one of the things i like about this site!!, Keep it up!
  13. I love playing that add on, The music used in the game fit perfectly, It was a lot of fun to play, great story line, Plenty of challenges!!
  14. If you add the Brotherhood of Shadow mod, You will get the star forge robes and full mask, According to what path you take!!
  15. I'm running mine on the same system, The file won't show the info about your characters, However if you have those folders, Chances are your character saves are in those folders!!
  16. Love the pics you have, The one thing that all ways made me mad, Was how when they made the games that they didn't take the time to use the maps and idea's, They have so much potential but they decide not to use further detail!!
  17. Very impressed, Looks great you did a really good job, When will it be available?
  18. I have this mod right now, And to be honest i have seen others that are a lot better!
  19. Hey buddie how u been?

  20. There is a console you have to access!!
  21. My favorite has all ways been a single saber, Just my opinion!
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