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  1. Erm, knock knock? Is this still alive?

  2. Really, are you still working on this?

  3. any hints, I need it to progress

  4. Still need to know what character model you used hough.

  5. The k1 projet for RAA is coming on well.

  6. Hey, I'm sorry for your loss.

  7. Hey fallen can i have the files you had for the old revan all along project?

  8. Up for Closing Making an entirely new thread for this, on Holowan, and with more stuff like progress and peoplez who are helping right now. Also, link to new thread is here: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=209277
  9. So, lots of things have happened to me in the last three days, number one, my Grandma died (please no pity party about that), and... While I was trying to get rid of some of my mods so I could test DarthJango's module and dialogue and stuff, and now I can't re-install it... So yeah, not the best few days I've had. I hope to get KotOR re-installed successfully soon. Thanks for all your help guys!! Signing off for now, FallenJedi1 Edit: KotOR is installing correctly again, so yeah... disregard that part of my post...
  10. LIFE IS A PAIN!!!!!!! Especially when your little cousin is breathing down your neck, watching you every hour of every day... And I hate making a 4-Year old kid watch me do nothing but edit dialogue, especially when he keeps asking me what I'm doing, and I can't tell him without making myself sound like an idiot. So yeah... Christmas Vacation was a complete and utter failure on my part... It's a good that that I have you, DarthJango, without you I might not have ANYTHING actually done yet. Thanks for your help. Signing off for now, FallenJedi1
  11. Well, Merry Christmas everyone!! I know, I don't actually have anything done on this, but I'm hoping to get the Endar Spire and maybe Taris done, or partially done, over Christmas Vacation. Anyway, have a great Christmas everyone!!
  12. Well Darth, I just downloaded the launcher and loader, and those are pretty good. I admit that they could use a tiny bit of refining, but all-in-all, it's great. Definitely installing this now.
  13. Yes, you are technically considered part of the team since you have actually helped with the Development. Anyway, please, do send me a PM with details of your ideas.
  14. That would be awesome DarthJango, thanks for doing that, and I think I have seen your other launcher. It would be awesome if you could send me a PM with the link to the launcher (for Revan All Along of course), thanks again.
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