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  1. Any possibility of an update on the Geno mod?

  2. I think i fixed ur mod. the problem lies within the installer so i changed all the [dblsbr01] lines to [dblsbr001]. i did that for [dblsbr01, 02, 03, 04] and now it installs correctly.

  3. hey sry i took so long to get back to u but i encountered the same problems again after i downloaded the new version. I still had to use the Kotor Tool to edit dblsbr01 to dblsbr001 to get them to appear. Idk if u messed up agian or something but just pointing it out that its still bugged. hope u can make the installer do it correctly cuase i rly like this mod and i hate having to manually change it every time i re install the game.

  4. I fixed the workbenches mod. There was a typo in the installer for the double bladed sabres. A new version has been uploaded to kotorfiles pending approval.

    If you wish to manually edit, open the itemcreate and itemcreatemira 2da files in kotorTool and edit the labels for the double bladed lightsabres by adding another zero.


    eg. dblsbr01 becomes dblsbr001, dblsbr02 becomes dblsbr002, etc. Just for the double bladed sabres, the single hilts just have one zero.

    Otherwise download the new version (3.1) when it appears at kotorfiles in the next day or two, uninstall the previous version (use backups folder) and install the new one using the tsl installer.

  5. ok thx, keep up the great work you guys are doing. Looking forward to seeing all of the true potential TSL had.

  6. hey, hows it going. Was just curious if any updates yet for the status of the Genoharadon mod for TSL

  7. Not at the moment, no; person responsible for storyline is kinda busy with RL at the moment, but I'm hoping we'll be able to finalize storyline this month, then work will go much faster (probably), and I'll be able to start making frequent public updates.

  8. Hey is there a thread that is tracking the status of the m4-78ep?

  9. yes, im lvl 15+ jedi wpnmaster, with 20+ demo skill, but the option to create double bladed sabers isnt appearing, only short and standard ones.


    I currently have TSLRCM 1.7, Enhanced Merchants, Coruscant jedi temple, with your mod installed. Is there an issue with these mods??

  10. hey, im having trouble with your expanded workbench mod, i cant create double sabers even though my demolitions is exceptionally high.

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