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  1. I never said that the military isn't far better than it was during WWII because everyone knows that the US has advanced the farest in Military Technology. I agree completely with that. We may have the strongest army in the world, but we don't have the patriotic spirt that we did during WWII. Don't get me wrong people are still patriotic, but you didn't see the same amount of people join when 9/11 happened as when pearl harbor was bombed. I honestly think that the US isn't capable of fighting on two fronts because of what this new war would cost us in lives and how it would effect the ecomony. America isn't pulling from Afghanistan we actually just sent troops 30,000 i think when Obama got into office. His admistration told everyone that we are pulling out of Iraq, but didn't tell everyone they planned on sending troops to Afghanistan. The reason behind this they said is that Afghanstan is now harbouring terrorist because they moved out of Iraq including Americans most wanted terrorist his name not need to be meantion because we all know him. And plus they said that Iraq government is now capable to stand on it owns.
  2. Well, I see what you mean by a dramatic finale. It would be cool for these two rival nations to come together in our lifetime, but at the moment i think it is unlikely i guess one can only hope.
  3. Well, i can't beat you on the age thing. Thanks for welcomeing me.
  4. Well, i'm not against them not unifying if they both can stay at peace with each other and start to tolerant each other. And eventually start to trade.
  5. North Korea taking over South Korea maybe less likely, but not impossible. However what i think will happen is that they will get close to a peaceful unification and something will spark a outroar between the two government. Hopefully, a war want break out even though it is unlikely; if it does it wont turn out pretty for either side. It may end in a unification but i doubt ethier side will fill like what they gain is worth what they lost. <--- that is refering to if a war does break out.
  6. That is what i started to agrue about if their is a unification and Kim see thats he wont be in power anymore it wont turn out to be so peaceful. Personally i would rather Korea to be under the control of South Korea because North Korea is a dangerous country (theres no doubt about that) and if they control the whole country of Korea thats a lot more soldiers for them and more room to make nuclear weapons and factories to make a massive arsenal of weapons. Not to meantion what his leadership would do to the South Korean people
  7. The project surmounted a final hurdle on Aug. 3, 2010, when a decision by the New York City's Landmarks Preservation Commission cleared the way for the construction of Park51. The tower of as many as 15 stories will house a mosque, a 500-seat auditorium, and a pool. Its leaders say it will be modeled on the Y.M.C.A. and Jewish Community Center in Manhattan. http://topics.nytimes.com/top/reference/timestopics/organizations/p/park51/index.html That is the extact text of the website above.
  8. Well, i understand what you mean? The debate did get off track and i did say something about a few post before this one. I do appreciate your criticism.
  9. First of all 6 blocks sounds pretty good to me. And you said where do we draw the line? Its not us thats draws the line its is the owner if i was him i would consult with my finiancial advisor and see where would be a suitable location that is still profitable. In your calculations is 6 blocks farther away really going to hurt his business no. And this place is suspose to be a place of Religious Tolerance and bring Religions together and understand each other. Don't you think in this giantic building they could have a room that could represent each religion for example: church, mosque, synagogue, etc. don't you think that would be a TRUE place of Religious Tolerance. Do you think honestly putting one mosque in a place filled with a pool a 500 seat auditorium really represents Religious Tolerance?
  10. Thanks for agreeing with most of what i said, you said that i'm not far from the truth, what parts of my agruement did you see was off?
  11. Haha thats a hilarious pic. and thanks for the welcome. I'm 16 years old (which apparently is a lot younger than most people here). I run track, play soccer, and basketball. Music I like a bit of everything except country, bluegrass, and classical. I can't think of anything else to say so if you want to know anything else just ask. The whole time i have been here your the only person who welcome me so thanks.
  12. First off your brother being Muslim makes you completely biased if your brother wasn't muslim their is a chance that you wouldn't be as tolerance as you say you are toward Muslims. These people are trying to get this person to put his "YMCA" in a different location. And the Government has the authority to seize land if they want. Its called Eminent domain. Its in the fifth amendment. And yes he does have the right to build there No one is forcing him to move I just said it is a option. Him moving to a different location is a win-win because people are going to be happy that he honored their wishes of moving to a different location. Do you really want to anger the people of the city your opening your business in? He will please the people of the town where he is opening his COMMUNITY CENTER. If it is really a community center then he should want whats best for the community not what his own pride is saying. Plus when you open a business you have to make decision you don't want to make sometimes. That is what needs to think about what is best for his business. You keep saying what if this what if that. We are talking about a Muslims Community Center not a Hindu or Buddist one. HERE IS A WHAT IF FOR YOU What if a church wanted to build right beside the Mosque do you think he would be upset or offended to say the least. Do you see what im getting at? He would be offended just the same. Or what if a christian extremist went nuts and blew up a Muslim Building and kill thousands of Muslims then years later Christians decided to build a big Church a few blocks away do you think the Muslim Community would be outraged? Or they decided to build a Christian Community Center and say everyones invited. And like i said before this man has the right to build here yes as long as he owns the land and has the correct building permits, but just because he has the right to doesn't mean it would be best for his community center/buisness. People have to make decisions all the time that they don't want to make, but they still do. This is the same principle. PS: I dont think Wiki is the best source because it is allowed to be changed by anyone. And i take back what i said about the racist thing. You were right i apologize
  13. Wow, this went from war starting in Korea to unemployment. I understand that it took a while to implement that plan. So tell me this were do the experts get their data on how many people were unemployed in the great depression? I was just wondering because from what i have seen their is a lot of conflicting percents
  14. The reason is that the current sampling method of estimation was not developed until 1940, which means anything before that is based off of estimation. Was that what you are looking for...??? or is that wrong? And you didn't denied the fact that the unemployment rates in the United States are a lot higher than what is recorded as the unemployment rates
  15. Why would i ask how old you are? It has nothing to do with what where talking about? If I had all of these degrees I probably wouldn't be spending my time on a lucas forum website chatting, but thats just me And another thing I was using an NC as an example an if you would have read I said my county. My County microecomony was based off industry. Like a year ago we had maybe 16 factories in my county now we are down to like 2- or 3. And i personally know how bad unemployment because a lot of my family members worked in these factories and now they are jobless so i don't care what the states website is because I know my county. I was just proving a point that unemployment stastics are based off how many people get unemployment.
  16. HAHA, you think I'm naive because of my age your only 21. Your point of view is biased because your brother is "muslim" And your being very stupid racism is having hatred toward a race (a race is a genetic factors that a certain people have like skin, hair, eyes all contribute to your race.) not RELIGION! Another thing you still didn't deny would be if he would just move his community center to a different location; maybe a few more blocks away people would be happy and everyone wins. And one more thing you said something about me not living in Manhantten my dad (parents divorce) lives in New York soooo... And you are a bigot because you are being don't pratice tolerance because you are not being tolerance to my opinion and the millions of American who are protesting this. I show tolerance to muslims, but is this "poor" muslim really going to hurt if he moves the new "Community Center" a few more blocks away. Its obvious that the "COMMUNITY" DOESN'T want it there. And yes people in New York are the ones who brought this to the public attention. Don't you think if he moved it a few blocks down it would really be a COMMUNITY CENTER because it is where the community wants it not where one muslims man wants it. He then when be showing RESPECT to the people of New York by doing this kind deed and moving it a few blocks away
  17. something seems fishy about that oh wait maybe the part that says estimated. And do you not know that unemployment stastics are based off how many people file for unemployment. Where i live we are suspose to have the 3rd highest unemployment rate in NC (the last time i checked) and that was like 30 or 40% ,but i know for a fact that more than that is/are unemploy. A lot of people don't file for unemployment because they just don't or they don't think they will get approved for it. So umemployment stastics are faulty. Would you like to try again?
  18. Before I start agruing some more how old are you? I have been wondering this the whole time. For one everyone is a infidel by the definition of a infidel is a person who doubts or rejects the central teaching of a religion and infidel is an ENGLISH word. It was first used by the church to describe non christians or enemys of the church. If you believe in one religion you are an infidel because you doubt another religion or you reject it. And if you don't have a religion than your also a infidel. You still don't see that these people want to better the community right? Well, its obvious if they build their not many non-muslims are going to go, but if they built maybe a few more blocks down don't you think it would show some RESPECT and it would be an okay compromise. Someone with some COMMON SENSE WOULD REALIZE THIS!
  19. I get what your saying, but back in those times they would open factories and stuff to make stuff for the war effort. We even used hemi engines to power our landing vehicles when landing in normandy things back then were different than now. Today we don't have to open factories and stuff like that to produce stuff for our war efforts we already have all the tanks and guns we need, however we are always creating more.
  20. But you see you actually have met a Muslim and you most likely know his views on his religion and stuff of that nature. And is it Kran or Koran i always thought it was Kran, but i maybe wrong... What I was saying and what I think yourluckyday was saying is that if the Muslims that don't see the way these "extremist" do than everything would be okay, but they don't denounce such teachings and way of practicing religion it is like saying it is okay. If they would just say that we don't support this extremist in anyway than it would kill the fire that all muslims see us the same way as infidels. Plus i personally think that if moderate muslims (as somone likes to refer to them as) would denounce this extremist teachings and practices than this extremist can't say they are back by the muslims people or something like that. Without Muslims backing them up these extremist are nothing
  21. What religious or non-religious group shares these values and or morals
  22. I have one question out of all your friends are any Moderate Muslims because you sure do know a lot about what they think and how they view their religion?!?
  23. Amen!! You hit the nail on the head!
  24. HAHAHAHA! Great beer song I'll drink to that haha jk
  25. You maybe right, but back then we didn't have to worry about terrorist attacks and stuff of that nature. Plus the ecomony during those wars wasn't as bad as it is now. On top of that we are trillions of dollars in debt and another war would put our ecomony a but us soooo deep in the hole we would never get out.
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