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  1. Awww is Mandalor making himself feel better by saying he's "exploring" hahaha jk or am I
  2. Hey are you guys following the revenge of revan mod too? I think it sounds pretty bad A if you ask me.
  3. Then I the GOD KING steps in and kills the Lord Revan for trying to be the greater than me!!! mwahhhhhhhh
  4. Hey guys the sith are amazing hands down, however they can be a little misguided because of their aggorance. What makes the Sith so much better than the Jedi you ask? The reason behind this is that the Sith's moto is act first and then ask questions which is completely different than the jedi and their council who moto is wait, wait, wait, wait, wait some more, then talk about it, then mediate on it, and then talk about it one more time, then possibly act. if the moods right. Also you can show your emotions if you know what i mean.
  5. Hey im godking I love the star wars genre. I always been a bigger fan of the dark side of the force!
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