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  1. I will agree with Square Enix, Hitman Absolution is amazing, and a completely innovative and different styled game than those before it. I applaud Square Enix for where they took Hitman, and i would be excited to see what they could do with something like Star Wars. However, Disney doesn't have to use them. they could do it all in house, and remove outside creativity from the process. It will be interesting to see what happens, but i guess no one can really say what will happen with any games, including 1313, until we see what Disney is capable of with an franchise like Star Wars. But like many giant corporations, they are capable of incalculable good, and unfathomable evil.
  2. I heard that about Disneys plans, mobile games and little crap like that. Not exactly my choice of platforms to take star wars, but i guess that is where the money is. Has Disney put out any decent games? There was some hype about epic mickey when it came out, but i haven't heard of anything else. I guess hopes and dreams don't pay to have games made.
  3. Yes, much longer. I liked the game itself. It had a bunch of new, interesting droids to fight, characters that we didn't expect, but even though they had a small part, they were still significant to the people that cared (obviously Yoda and the Fett). But more variety in the levels, and more of them. Yes the first one had Felucia twice, and Raxus Prime twice, but they were different mood to the world, and different ways the world reacted to your presence. If i can spend half a Star Wars game on Cato Neimoidia, i am being left wanting.
  4. possible bonus points for Disney if they pay attention to the people that buy star wars games. Make TFU3 and make it good!
  5. In the forst and second games, the most tedious for me was the Bull rancor and the Gorog. For the bull roncor, you can lightning the hell out of it and dodge charges, sometimes throwing Maris Brood at it, but you just gotta lightning, dodge lightning, dodge, lightning, dodge. It got old really fast. And the Gorog, same problems. Attack the beast, dodge the hand swipes, attack again. Pin the Hand, attack, dodge, attack dodge, pin other hand back. It wasn't overly difficult, but it was just time consuming and again, got old really quick.
  6. as soon as 1313 was announced, the chance for a TFU3 went farther adn farther down the tubes. Now that they have opened up a new game, as well as continued development on The Old Republic, i doubt TFU3 will ever see the light of day. Don't get me wrong, i am hoping like hell that they bring Starkillers story to a close, but i hope the same thing about Republic Commando 2, and the likelihood of that, is next to nil
  7. a dark bluish purple could also look like an almost maroon colour, again like delta 07. Where else did they have to go? Yellow wouldn't show up against white armor, and Scorch already has yellow mixed in with the black on his armor. Blue could work, but in a dark environment, it might be hard to tell which is blue and which is green. Red is already taken. Green is already gone. A greyish colour would have looked pretty cool. I still think that you can't get much more mysterious, stealthy or just plain badass, than a nice matte black finish throughout the whole of the armor, and just the faintest glow of red or orange from the visor, just too look a little bit more sinister, especially from the shadows. All you see is a faint red T looking at you before a vibroblade comes between your ribs.
  8. I'm on board. I am almost ashamed to say so, but i am a sucker for closure. I hate when something just ends, no solution to the main problem, just ending. I will buy TFU3, and i will probably buy the special edition, because i am a special edition whore. The story has to have a good ending, this IS star wars for christ-sakes. There is a way of saving the franchise, and they have to think of it, i have mild confidence that they do, but i will buy it just for the story.
  9. just because you don't think anything is going to happen with RC2, doesn't mean the rest of us can't hope like hell, and maybe something will happen. It's not that the world is ignoring you, it just doesn't like what you have said. i'm keeping up the hope that RC2 will happen. For the love of god, if Unleashed 3 is going to happen, than RC2 has a fighting chance. I don't think LucasArts and Epic would have gotten Unreal 3 if they weren't planning on doing something with it.it does beg the question, "what will they do with it now that they have it?" Getting ahold of the guy that did the original RC seems like a step in the right direction, but his resume as far as Star Wars games go is pretty extensive, so it could be another battlefront, or another x-wing game. I say go the Tom Clancy route, and make a stealth game with the ARCs (a la Splinter Cell) and have it tie into a special forces game like the Republic/Imperial Commando (a la Rainbow 6/Ghost Recon) and tie all of that in with a combat flight simulator with TIE fighter, intercepters and the like (a la HAWX) One big Star Wars family
  10. the storyline of cloning opened up way to many possibilities, most of them ridiculous. they could go the cloned Juno way, the Cloned Vader way, or hell, while we are cloning everyone, maybe Kota is a clone too. The cloning storyline is a very slippery slope, and i think the unleashed makers have gone from the top of that particular mountain, to the bottom in very short order. I can't think of an ending to the Unleashed trilogy that doesn't make a mockery of the Star Wars universe. for all the resources put into TFU2, put it against The Old Republic, and make it come out a year sooner, put it behind another Republic Commando game, and bring the only successful Star Wars shooter into the 360/ps3 era
  11. i will agree that the game was a failure, it didn't live up to a lot of expectations, but i kind of liked the story, maybe it is just that i am a sucker for endings that weren't endings, and a story that is definitely going to end, i am still looking forward to Unleashed 3, i just hope they keep an eye on forums, and reviews. make steps forward, not backwards. The level i hated in the first game (the bull rancor) is too similar to the Gorog, it was just tedious, doing the exact same thing over and over and over, with very little accomplished each time. Hopefully there isn't a level like this in TFU3, but maybe some people liked it.
  12. umm, i never played any of the KOTOR games, some people would probably be really pissed about that, but i am just not that much of a PC guy, so you'll have to forgive me if i reply to that one with "i don't get it" I even read the half-finished feeling Imperial Commando: 501st book. It was good, but it didn't go far enough into Delta. Darman and Niner's stories are still very important to the whole Republic Commando world, but Delta was where i started with the video game, i didn't get into the books until about 2 years ago. Kind of an after thought, but i bought Republic Commando when i bought my original Xbox, and then sold the whole package after i got my 360. Finding Republic Commando again is actually hard to do. I searched 2 1/2 provinces to find a copy, and nothing, eBay is a hell of a thing, and there is a bunch of used copies for like $20, but someone managed to have a still wrapped copy of Republic Commando for the Xbox, and was selling it for like $100. Not going to roll out a hundy for something sealed, when i am just going to open it as soon as i get it. The moral of the story, is that i am a moron, and should not have sold it. You never know when you will have a nostalgia attack.
  13. it will drive you insane if you let it. You have to destroy the TIE fighters as quickly as possible, some people say saber throw works well, but lightning is the ticket. follow the directions that the screen gives you to the second. let the TIE fighters hit you until you can take one more hit, about one hit below where your health bar narrows, then you have no choice but to let go, and lay waste to the TIE fighters again. You will gain all your health back. then start again, if you are good, you can do it in three or four cycles.
  14. i've read Order 66, and it doesn't go as indepth to Sev's dissappearance as i would like, it only says that Walon Vau went to Kashyyyk to find sev, but didn't find anything. I want a proof of life, or a proof of death. I want someone to find Sev's helmet in a bazaar in tattooine, or Sev to become the new Mandalore or something like that, i'll settle for something as dumb as amnesia
  15. a comic would be great. I would settle for something a little more i depth than a cameo in The Clone Wars cartoon. It would be nice to see an examination of the different types of clones, and how they operate. Filoni owes us that much.
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